Your Demise Farewell Show @ The Underworld 15/3/14 ★★★★☆

UnderworldYD 1

Well, today’s the day. The day the boys that make up UK hardcore punk outfit ‘Your Demise’  play their last ever show.

Broken Teeth
‘Broken Teeth ‘
are first on tonight and bring their straight up, balls to the wall hardcore to the Underworld. A solid set from the Northern 5 piece that get the kids in their oversized tees/hoodies and shorts hardcore dancing and crowd killing early in the evening. A good set from the band, but the aforementioned ‘crowd killing’ from some of the audience needs to be put to rest straight away.


London based rap styled harcore troops ‘TRC’  are next and bring even more energy to the party with slabs of a call and response rap/shout blend between duel vocalists Chris Robson  and Antony Carroll  who work the ever growing crowd here into a frenzy so much that their is an announcment made that stage diving must end swiftly before the band can continue. The band have smiles plastered on their faces and play with a obvious passion for what they are doing. Chris Robson gives a shout out to all things UK music which is widely applauded before he takes out his phone and films the final parts of their set to capture the chaos that they have instigated tonight.

Having caught ‘Landscapes’  a few nights previously on the Architects  tour, we were wondering if they could give a similarly passioniate and honest performance, they can. This band play from the heart and are real. Their melodic stylings slow the night down a bit but is still brimming with crowd participance, singing and screaming back towards the guys on stage. Shaun Milton  looks almost on the verge of a breakdown at times and choked up with what he is screaming at everyone in attendance. It all comes across as cathartic, relatable. He clambers onto the floor for the final song and is surrounded by everyone and anyone who has given the band a listen and has resonated with what they’re about.


BWPBringing back the brutality tonight is, er, ‘Brutality Will Prevail’. These guys and Your Demise have gone hand in hand over the years touring together during the early days and always plugging each others bands. With the energy levels back up so are the amount of stage dives. The Underworld barrier has been taken down for this evening and the crowd take their chances with an endless stream of bodies going off the stage. Frontman Louis Gauthier  getting into the front rows and spitting venom into the faces of the devotees that have made their way in the pit for BWP. With the history of both bands it is fitting that BWP are main support tonight to help send off YD in the best possible way.

YD 2
With Aerosmith’s – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing  blasting through the venues PA system and everyone here singing along, signals the start to the final ever set from ‘Your Demise’. Opening with ‘MMX’   friends of the band chuck balloons and toilet paper all across the room and you cannot help but grin like a Cheshire cat during these opening moments. Unlike any YD show before, tonight is absolute insanity, with everyone realising; this is the end, and taking full advantage of the barrier being taken down tonight. That’s right, it’s stage dive, after stage dive, after stage dive. Ripping through cuts from their back catalogue the intensity is kept up in the forms of ‘Scared of the Light’  and ‘Karma’  of off last years release, ‘Cold Chillin’. 

The setlist to be honest is fairly predictable but a fan favourite, almost festival-like set, is what was anticipated for tonight by many attendees. The carnage keeps on coming and the band are at the top of their game in a live respect this is definitely one of the best performances we’ve witnessed from the 5 piece. A touching speech from vocalist Ed Mcrae  slows things down and brings everyone in the room together. The most memorable part of the speech is right before handing long time guitarist Daniel ‘Oz’ Osborne  the microphone, calling him “the glue that held the band together”. Clearly touched by this you can also see the realisation in his face that after these final songs Your Demise  are no more. The staple YD encore of ‘Miles Away’ and ‘The Kids We Used To Be’  raises the chaos level up a notch as fans invade the stage during the latter of ‘TKWUTB’.

Love them or hate them you can’t ignore the fact that ‘Your Demise’  have done it their own way. R.I.P

The final ever setlist:

The Golden Age
Scared of the Light
Push Me Under
Born A Snake
These Lights
Shine On
Life of Luxury
Forget About Me
A Song to No One
Like a Broken Record
Burnt Tongues

Miles Away
The Kids We Used To Be