Within Temptation – Hydra ★★★☆☆

HydraThe Dutch symphonic metal rockers are back with their sixth studio album, ‘Hydra’.

It’s been a long 3 years since the band released a record and finally you can sink your teeth into the operatic metal stylings of WT once again.
With collaborating artists as far spread as Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum to American rapper Xzibit, there was no telling where this album was going to lead us.

Starting with the guitar slamming and eerie Let Us Burn; from the first line, you are hooked on to the anthemic and epic range of Sharon den Adel’s vocals.
With this incredible song being the starting block of the album, it leaves you craving for more and excited for the rest of the record.

Silver Moonlight starts off as a beautiful, much more orchestral feel, but quickly slaps you in the face with raging riffs.
The album has such variety of slower and heavier songs, breaking from the norm of some albums in this genre, where one track blends into the next. From steadier “Edge of the World” and “Dog Days” to the heavier “Dangerous”, they show a much more angsty side to a genre championed by bands such as Nightwish and Evanescence.

Surprisingly, the track featuring Xzibit called And We Run, really works well and gives another dimension to the song. Bet their fans didn’t expect a rapper on this record cos we definitely didn’t.

Hydra surpasses all expectations from Within Temptations previous material; it’s a real diamond in the rough and just shows metal fans that there is more to them than staying safely in the genre.