Whitechapel – Our Endless War ★★★☆☆

whitechapel Artist: Whitechapel

Album: Our Endless War

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Record Label: Metal Blade

Tennessee deathcore sextet Whitechapel are set to release their fifth studio album in the form of Our Endless War. But how does it far up amongst the similar bands of today?

Opener ‘Rise’ was made for the sole purpose of their live show as it blasts straight into the title track. The first thing you notice is how much of a departure it is from their trademark ‘deathcore’ sound with this song sounding more ‘hardcore-metal’ than anything else. Politically charged lyrics are a welcome change with lines like, ‘my country tis of greed, sweet land of idiocracy’ and ‘50 states united as one, but we still can’t find a solution’. Whitechapel finally getting to the party and realising that the government are just a bunch of clueless dicks.

Frontman Phil Bozeman was always the bands best asset and his vocals and range are vastly spread across the album to deep gutturals to fast paced, almost deathcore style rapping on ‘The Saw Is The Law’.  With the ‘saw’  acting as the bands logo this song is an ode to ‘the deep south’  and a possible fan connection. ‘Mono’  brings the power and pace to the party and drummer Ben Harclerode shines as he get’s all over his kit and utilises his ability to full effect.

This album has already divided fans with a new sound and direction with songs like ‘Let Me Burn’  but then follow on track ‘Worship The Digital Age’  sounds like older material that seems to be going down a storm with fans expressing their opinions online, this numbers middle section sounding very much akin to that of British metallers Sylosis.  Just from looking at the title of the next song it was never going to be super heavy. ‘How Times Have Changed’  plods along at mid-pace and never really gets going. This effort falls foul of becoming stale and tedious towards the latter half of it though, with the energy and heavy being replaced by clean, muted guitar sections.

This album has clearly shown that the band have released their most diverse, accessible and well rounded album to date, and that attracts our attention.