We Are The In Crowd – Weird Kids ★★★★☆

wearetheincrowd12The New York pop punkers We Are The In Crowd’s debut album ‘Best Intentions’ put them on the map as one of the big names in the world of pop punk today. And since 2011, they’ve endured countless tours, support slots and major festival slots. And today, 2014’s follow up ‘Weird Kids’ shows off a majorly improved, more mature We Are The In Crowd.

The opening track (Long Live The Kids) starts the album off with a solo piano and Taylor Jardine’s vocals. An unexpected start from the five piece who in the past have offered simple, energetic pop punk tracks. With the intro focusing more on melody and lyrics, it shows off the more mature, improved song writers We Are The In Crowd have become. The track picks up towards the end, into the sound expected from this album, but it’s not until the second track of the album, and first single (The Best Thing (That Never Happened)) the album really picks up into the fast paced pop punk.

The duel vocals between Jordan and Tay aren’t as prominent throughout the album, as Taylor seems to have developed into a much more confident frontwoman, but it doesn’t mean the chemistry between Taylor and Jordan is missing, the duel vocals offer a huge punch of aggression (Manners) from the question and answer vocals, and also some beautiful harmonies (Come Back Home).

Taylor has spoken a lot about being more open lyrically on this new album, and it’s clear to see the confidence the band have grouped together (Windows In Heaven, Dreaming Out Loud) and have become much more credible as songwriters. The album is more of an all-round album, rather than a collection of pop punk songs, ‘Best Intentions’ was.

The argument that there needs to be more big hitting songs on the album could be made, but altogether the 10 tracks come together to form a great album that will shoot We Are The In Crowd to bigger, better things. And, let’s not forget that there are some fantastic songs of this album (Remember (To Forget You), Reflections) We Are The In Crowd wouldn’t have been able to write 3 years ago. The follow up album ‘Weird Kids’ is simply a step in the right direction for Taylor, Jordan, Cameron, Mike and Rob, and now if they can regroup, and focus on their live performances, 2014 could be a massive year for them, and could lead them to incredible heights.