Twin Atlantic Interview!

Last month we had the opportunity to have a chat with the boys from Twin Atlantic after their whirlwind year, and here’s what they had to say…

You have been touring non-stop pretty much all year. You were featured on BBC’s Radio 1 ‘The Next Best Thing’ and you were recently on the cover of Kerrang! How has this whole experience been for you?


As far as the touring side of things goes, we feel have had our busiest and best year so far. Since our bands inception, we have constantly had a hard working ethic and have always endeavoured to play as many shows as we can. We feel like we have built our fan base up from word of mouth, and getting in front of people and playing live is the best way to get your music across to people in the most visceral manner. People can definitely connect to live music and get involved in a way that is much more special than listening to music on any other format.

As for radio1 and kerrang! getting on board,  it’s exciting and we take it as a massive compliment. Mostly it’s just nice for us to know that people understand our band and our music and are wanting to get involved. Real British rock has been overlooked for a while now, so it’s nice to see the pendulum swing a little bit towards honest rock music again.


You also toured with AWOLNATION recently in the US and will be going back in January. How is it different from touring in the UK?


Touring is pretty much the same everywhere, or at least the same in the places we have been so far. Obviously there are little cultural differences from place to place but largely venues are all the same and largely they are filled with people who are passionate about live music and are there to have a good time. As for US vs UK… People in the Uk are generally speaking a little bit more conservative whereas in the US are a little more forthcoming with their thoughts and opinions about your music.


Where did the idea for the Made A Beast Of Myself video come from?


It was the brainchild of our video director. It was simply what his mind conjured when listening to the song. He felt like the line make a beast of myself was very raw and provoking and tried to put that raw energy back into the video. That’s why it was shot entirely in one seemless take, to avoid editing and cuts taking away that energy. Personally, we were drawn to the fact that the narrative and explanation behind the video is somewhat elusive and vague. It leaves loads of space for viewer interpretation, and let’s people think for themselves, use their imagination, and make their own minds up as to what it’s really all about. We loved this idea, as this is exactly how people will interpret a song. One song can easily have 100 different meanings to 100 different people.


How do you deal with the constant comparisons to Biffy Clyro?


We have grown to learn that at some point every single band gets compared to some other band. A lot of people will simply always feel more comfortable when they are able to reference music as a back catalogue of sounds and influences of other music. For us, geographically the obvious comparisons are always biffy or perhaps idlewild. To be honest, being mentioned in the same breathe as these bands can only be considered a compliment. These bands have been around for 10 years longer than us and have set a great bench mark for Scottish music. They have shown that you can come from north of the border playing loud distorted rock music and still be taken seriously.


You guys just finished one your biggest UK tours to date. What was it like playing in such big venues?


Honestly, this has been our most enjoyable tour by far. The response we have had has been overwhelming and to have nearly every date sell out has been a massive achievement for us. Playing in slightly bigger venues this time it was also great to be able to put more effort into the production side of things as we have ways strived to put on the best show we can. Although, the best thing about this tour has been the fact that people have clearly come along because they have a connection to our music and want to get involved and have a great time. Every night of the tour has had a bit of a party atmosphere and a great vibe all round.


What has been the highlight of the year for you?


The year has been so mental and hectic that we haven’t really had time to take stock or look back on things yet. Of the top of my head there are probably a few highlights. Releasing our fist LP ‘free’ was definitely up there. Also playing the Glasgow O2 academy is up there along with our first reading and leeds experience. Too hard to answer.


What can fans expect from Twin Atlantic next year?


Plenty more. We’ll continue to work hard and grow as a band and continue to play as many shows as we can. Hopefully at some point we’ll get around to sorting out some more time in the studio too.


Twin Atlantic are touring the UK in April. Check here for dates: