Tonight Alive – The Other Side ★★★★☆

u34n_tonightalivecovercopy Pop punk is shocked back to life by Tonight Alive’s new release. Opener “The Ocean” starts the journey through this album, bursting at the seams with talent and exuberance, and gets your adrenaline pumping for the rest.

Now, we have to address the elephant in the room. It’s hard not to compare Tonight Alive to Paramore. It’s not even that they both have superb female vocalists, it’s that this album sometimes rings a little bit too true to Hayley Williams & co. Second track ‘Don’t Wish’ includes an intro almost identical in chord sequence to ‘Miracle’ by Paramore. There may only be so many chord progressions in the world, but that doesn’t stop it being disappointing. Thankfully,what follows is a highly listenable anthem for voiceless youth struggling with the age-old pop-punk problem of relationships.

New single ‘Lonely Girl’ is rough and tough, rupturing the hernia of Aussie rock. Check out the video below.

Jenna McDougall’s voice gets a workout in fast-paced ‘The Fire’ and shows off her subtlety in beautiful almost-ballad ‘Hell and Back’.

Title track ‘The Other Side’ reveals a softer side of Tonight Alive, differing to their onstage supply of thougtful precision-pop-punk, transcending the gap between pop-punk and something a little more serious.

Personal pop-influenced closer ‘You Don’t Owe Me Anything’ shows Jenna’s instantly recognisable powerful voice in a new soulful light, emitting emotional lyric “you don’t owe me anything, don’t hear me out; I’ll just sing if you don’t wanna know”, sparking an image of a crowd of thousand lighter-holding singers singing back every word.

‘The Other Side’ showcases some truly brilliant moments, unexpectedly crashing down on you, proving that there’s a  reason why Tonight Alive are one of the most talked about acts in rock right now.

‘The Other Side’ is out Sept 6 in Australia, Europe and the UK on Sept 9, and Sept 10 in the US.


Check out the official video for the superb punk pop track “Lonely Girl.”

Track Listing:

1.The Ocean  / 2. Don’t Wish / 3. Lonely Girl / 4. Hell And Back / 5. The Other Side / 6. The Fire / 7. Complexes / 8. Come Home / 9. Bathwater / 10. No Different / 11. Say Please / 12. You Don’t Owe Me Anything


Full UK live dates are as follows:



Sun 29             The Haunt                    Brighton           £12 / www.seetickets/com


Tue 01             Library                          B’ham              £12 /

Wed 02            The Garage                  Glasgow           £12.50 /

Thu 03             Academy 3                   Manchester      £12 /

Fri 04               Academy 2                   Liverpool          £12.50 /

Sat 05              Academy 2                   Dublin              12 EURO /

Sun 06             Oh Yeah Centre            Belfast              £12.50 /

Tue 08             Academy 2                   Newcastle        £12.00 /

Wed 09            Electric Ballroom          London            £13.50 /

Fri 11               Cockpit                         Leeds               £12.00 /


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