The Word Alive – Real ★★★★☆



Artist: The Word Alive

Album: Real

Release Date: 9th June 2014

Label: Fearless Records



Phoenix metalcore band The Word Alive are about to release their third full-length album, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

‘Real’ opens up with ‘Play The Victim’, a song already released as a single back in March. It’s the perfect song to start this album as the slow beginning builds up anticipation as the album can go in so many ways from the first 45 seconds of this song. ‘Play The Victim’ has thought provoking lyrics that are belted out in a chant-like manner to get the listeners going, which is essentially what The Word Alive do best.

‘Never Forget’ is one of the faster, heavier songs on the album. Along with Glass Castle’ and To Struggle To Claw My Way’, this song provides ‘Real’ with some pretty tasty riffs, a few serious guitar solos and showcases the YouTube famous drummer’s talent.

The third track from this album, ‘Broken Circuit’ once again features some inspiring lyrics about not giving up. But this by no means feels like a recycled song. TWA have managed to keep spreading uplifting messages through their songs while still feeding us with the beautifully refined guitar riffs the band have perfected through time.

‘Light House’ is a song you could imagine would be amazing live – picture arm waving, hand clapping and all that jazz! With catchy lyrics like ‘we will shine on to bring us back home’, it’s hard to ignore this song as the chant-like vocals make you want to sing along with such ease. ‘The Fortune Teller’ follows similar suit and even adds a little breakdown in there for the mosh-friendly fans!

Later on in the album, ‘Runaway’ is definitely a stand-out song. With lyrics like “you are not alone” sang gently, it almost seems like Telle is directly talking to you. This song is a lot more stripped down than the others on this album, really pushing the message TWA are trying to get across while still keeping in good metalcore fashion.

Fans, newbies and everyone in-between can find something they like on this album. They’ve got guitar solos, catchy lyrics, breakdowns, heavier songs, b-e-a-utiful riffs all wrapped up in an uplifting message of happiness. What’s not to love!?

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