The Treatment Interview!

Hot off the back off their support slot for Steel Panther’s March UK tour, and now about to embark on a string of dates with legends Thin Lizzy, everything seems to be coming up Milhouse for excellent ‘simply rock’ outfit The Treatment! We had a chat with vocalist Matt Jones about boobs and tunes…

How was it touring with Steel Panther?

It was fantastic! So much fun. They were lovely guys to tour with and made us feel very welcome. The crowds were really receptive and just up for a fun night. We went down strong on the tour and we are heading back out to Europe with them again in June!


Any backstage shenanigans?

Constant Shenanigans! We can’t go into too much detail… but put it this way, there were a lot of women bearing their breasts. All good fun!


You’re all pretty young, how do you think this effects your music?

I think it shows in our energy in the tracks and on stage. We are all big punk fans so I think we try and inject a little young punk energy in everything we do.


Who are your influences?

We are big fans of all the classic bands really, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Sex Pistols and so on. To many to mention! But we still love modern rock music too and other styles of music. We also love a lot of pop such as The Beatles. We try not to limit ourselves and take inspiration from as many different styles as possible.


‘This Might Hurt’ was released a few months ago, how’s that been recieved?

Its been received really well! we have had some fantastic reviews and we are starting to notice people singing along at the shows which is a great feeling when we see that. Nikki Sixx has been playing tracks from the album and is a big supporter of the band. So off to a great start!


 You’re currently touring with Thin Lizzy, that must be mind-blowing!

Yeah its awesome! We have all been big fans since we were kids. They have such legendary songs. You cant help but find yourself singing along all night because you just know every track.


It’s nice to see and hear real rock music, was your intention with The Treatment to bring back all those classic sounds?

We didn’t intend to sound like anything, its just the way it has come out. With our influences we cant help but sound the way we do. We are certainly not ashamed of wearing our influences on our sleeves. We are not re-inventing the wheel, just trying to put a youthful twist on it.


What’s in store for The Treatment fans?

We have got a busy year coming up, with the festivals in the summer and then with “The Tour” with Kiss and Motley Crue in the States. we cant wait to get out there. We are just going to try and keep developing as band. Get stronger live and get stronger with the song writing and we want as many people to come along for the ride as possible! There are also plans for us to headline a full European tour at the end of the year.


Check out The Treatment here on Facebook, and catch them on the dates below with Thin Lizzy.

May 15 – The Assembly – Leamington Spa, UK

May 16 – G Live, Guildford, UK