The So So Glo’s – Blowout ★★★☆☆

SSGArtist: The So So Glo’s

Album: “Blowout”

Release Date: May 19th 2014 (UK)

Label: Shea Stadium Records/Votiv


Brooklyn, NY band of brothers (literally) release new record of punk anthems. Bass player Alex is guitarist Ryan’s brother, and drummer Zach was five years old when he became the pairs step-brother. Other guitarist Matt isn’t related but is definitely an integral part of the gang.

Son of an American’  starts off with a quiet recording of children talking about Nirvana  and when the music kicks in it immediately feels similar to the punk bands of today like The Menzingers   and The Lawrence Arms.  As gathered by the title of this track it speaks of very american culture such as going to ball games and cheering on the losing team. Second track ‘House of Glass’   opens with a riff that sounds like The Beach Boys  turned punk, with the boys traditional surf rock feel. The band have stated that this record is “like a party”  and definitely wouldn’t be turned off at a beach BBQ either in the UK or the States as influences from both sides of the pond shine through with terrific results.

Title track ‘Blowout’  experiments with many different techniques and tones to fuse punk and pop elements to blast through two minutes and fourty-five seconds of noise that really doesn’t go. With follow on number ‘Wrecking Ball’  we get the catchy punk pop rock back and ‘Speakeasy’  plods along at mid-pace with start stop riffs and plenty of “wooaah-oh-oohs”. The middle section of Blowout  loses a lot of it’s energy and doesn’t do much to retain the listeners attention.

“Island Ridin'”  does however showcase what the band can do when they slow it down and write a tune that is made for driving with the top down and sun blazing with your best friends in tow. A well thought out track that is followed by an opening harmonica on “Dizzy”  and acoustic guitar. Another example of what they can do but this time unplugged.

Overall a solid effort from a band with a lot to give and nothing to lose. Going back to the start of the record with the Nirvana  reference there is definitely a major influence from the Grunge legends with The So So Glo’s utilising the quiet-loud dynamic and fast paced rhythms and heartfelt lyrics to create a punk pop sound that few have emulated successfully.