The Ready Set – The Bad &The Better ★★★☆☆



Artist: The Ready Set

Album: The Bad & The Better

Release Date: 27th May 2014

Label: Razor & Tie



Jordan Witzigreuter, who performs under the name The Ready Set is back after three long years with ‘The Bad & the Better’. After previously releasing songs such as “Young Forever” and “Love Like Woe” with verging-on-annoyingly catchy lyrics it’s easy to predict what The Bad & the Better is going to sound like.

Opening with ‘Higher’, which is the type of song you’ll be singing from dawn till dusk after just one listen. It also has a video featuring a really strange bunch of life-tips such as “don’t use electrical appliances in the shower” and “don’t eat nails” – cheers Jordan! The Indiana singer himself has said ‘Higher’ is “the definitive Ready Set song at this point” and he’s definitely right.

Up next comes ‘Freakin’ Me Out’ which is most certainly one of the summer songs for 2014. It would be the perfect backing track for a hot summer day – picture BBQ, waterfights and short-shorts.

Give Me Your Hand’ was premiered when The Ready Set toured with Boys Like Girls two years ago and now also has a video, with sign language included! It’s a party song matching the fun and upbeat tempo of past Ready Set songs.

‘Carry Me Home’ contains everything The Ready Set solo member is best at doing – creating catchy, summer songs with pop vocals. The only different or surprising thing on this track is the use of the word ‘fuck’ , which was the only really memorable thing about this song.

The Bad & The Better isn’t a game changer, but it will definitely please The Ready Set fans who fell in love with the playful lyrics and dance tunes Jordan was making three years ago.

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