The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell ★★★☆☆

TPRArtist:The Pretty Reckless
Title: Going To Hell
Release Date: March 14th
Label: Razor & Tie

New York City four piece The Pretty Reckless have finally released their new album.

After four years since their debut album release, the band has had to experience losing the original recordings of song of their newest record, Going to Hell, in Hurricane Sandy in late 2012 along with leaving Interscope/Universal and signing with Razor & Tie last September.

Fronted by former child star, Taylor Momsen, the band have toured with bands from Evanescence and Marilyn Manson to Guns N’ Roses whose influences on this record haven’t gone unnoticed.

Starting track is Follow Me Down, controversially uses porn star Jenna Haze’s sexual noises at the start alongside sirens. You then get viciously slapped in the face by slamming old school rock sounds of electric guitars and Momsen’s unique angsty vocals, which gives you a real flavour of what’s to come.

A couple of the songs on the 12 track record are under 2 minutes; acoustic and incredible nuggets of vulnerability that sometimes gets overshadowed by their normally heavy instrumentals. Dear Sister and Burn give their audience the acoustic element that everyone loves.

The song that really makes a statement is Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party?, commenting on politics and gun culture in the US. It’s an unexpected delight of a tune with Momsen slaying the vocals alongside gun shots ringing towards the end.

Now who doesn’t love an old school anthem? The best track on the album Heaven Knows fits the criteria to a T; with a chanted chorus, drum slapping and hand clapping, shouting vocals, it really has a MCR’s Teenagers vibe. You will find yourself singing along to the chorus after your first listen!

To get close to their debut album’s success, The Pretty Reckless needed to do something extraordinary. With a record full of surprises, killer beats and the unique vocals of Momsen, they have the world at their feet. This record shows that they are only going to get better and better!