The MCRmy set to celebrate #revenge10 in London


On June 7th, hundreds of My Chemical Romance fans will congregate at the Barfly in London to celebrate 10 years since the release of MCR’s breakthrough album ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ (released June 8, 2004). Not much has changed in the MCR fanbase since the band’s split; they still love them, and they still want to celebrate their music. The MCRmy remains as loyal and true as they were 10 years ago. Their loyalty is paying off too, as Waterstones have agreed to provide the attendees with an exclusive pre-release of new MCR biography by Tom Bryant‘s; ‘The True Lives of My Chemical Romance’, on sale on the day for £12.99, and signed by the author himself, who will be in attendance.

But this isn’t just a chance to grab their new biog and meet other fans; this is a Charity event supported by ex-members Frank Iero, Ray Toro & James Dewees who have sent amazing items for a raffle, with all proceeds going to Make A Wish UK.


We caught up with the amazing lady behind this event (and many other MCR meet-ups) Caz Hill, to ask her all about this fantastic day;

HTS: Hi Caz! Tell us how the idea came about for this meet-up/anniversary celebration? And how has it been organising such an event?

The venue on June 7

Caz: This is my 6th charity meet up with the UK MCRmy- it all began at a fan meetup in London in support of the band when they released the charity single, #SINGitforJapan, following the tsunami. Following the success of the first collection, Lauren Valencia contacted me via Twitter saying the band would like to support future events, and offered to send items for us to auction by ticket (in the UK we call this a ‘raffle’). The band signed posters and sent tons of merch which were used for meetups in London and Edinburgh, plus the party celebrating the bands 10 years together. The next big event was to mark the 10th anniversary of Bullets release – the band once again sent signed items, merch and the incredible Ghost drawing, which we are auctioning again this time. The wonderful fans turned up in their hundreds and raised over £2,000 at the Bullets meet ($3349 approx.) and the grand total so far is over £4,000.

We always planned to have a Revenge anniversary party – everyone wanted to go ahead even though the band have now split. I’ve been in touch with Tom for a few years, and we decided it would be a good place to launch his book. The publishers and Waterstones have been very helpful, as have the Barfly management and Kerrang! Magazine in helping promote.
It’s taken around 3 months to pull it all together, its been fun. I’ve missed having the bands manager to organise things from their side, but Ray, Frank & James have been total heroes and done all the packaging and posting themselves this time!


HTS: The input from Ray, Frank and James has been phenomenal. They seem to support the event & have donated items for the raffle (proceeds go to Make A Wish) are you glad they support the idea, and what does that mean to you and the fans?

Some of the items available in the raffle

Caz: For me, its an opportunity to bring fans together. The added bonus is that we raise money for the UK Make A Wish Foundation. Ray, James and Frank have donated incredible, unique, awesome items. They went out of their way to reach out, offering their support. I cant thank them enough. Their big hearts, and continuing kindness to the fan base is mind blowing.
Ray’s quote means the world to us all : “it is nice to see the legacy of the band live on in that manner”.

HTS: Tell us what ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ means to you personally as an album, and why fans should celebrate its 10 years.

Caz: Three Cheers was the landmark album for the band and fans. Probably the best time looking back. The album means an incredible amount to fans.  Personally it contains my favourite track when played Live – Prison. Fans in this country need no excuse for a meetup! There is amazing support still for the band here. Everyone bugged the shit out of me to mark the 10th anniversary. I had promised it at the Bullets meetup – so this is it. There was no doubt that the fans would come.


HTS: As well as the raffle, you’re also going to have copies of the new MCR biography by Tom Bryant available from Waterstones (12 days before actual release) as well as Tom himself there to sign the books. What are you expecting from the book, which is promised as a true insight and their best biography to date?


Caz: Tom Bryant is a genius with words, and a true MCR aficionado- he has interviewed them from their early days to the end. There is quite simply no-one who is more qualified to write the definitive MCR autobiography. They trust him. I trust him. I can’t wait to read it, I know he will do them proud.


HTS: Why should fans attend your event?

Caz: Fans should come along to support the generosity of Ray, Frank and James! To help make wishes come true for sick and terminally ill children.


HTS: Are there similar events happening the US? Are you expecting any overseas attendees?

Caz: I’ve had interest from Euro fans, not sure if they’re able to attend though.  There are no plans in the US – its just too vast a place to organise one event.

HTS: Are you going to put on a similar event in 2016 for The Black Parade’s 10 year? 

Caz: This is my last meetup – I really hope someone else organises a celebration for 10 years of Parade because what a phenomenal album that was! I can’t imagine life without that album!


There’s still time to get down to Caz’s event on June 7! Check out the Facebook event here; MCRmy #revenge10 meet-up & book launch party