The Maine Interview!

Currently on a European tour in support of their new album ‘Pioneer’ and having just finished a UK tour with All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd, The Maine are as busy as ever! But luckily, HTS found a few minutes to sit down and have a chat with Garrett and Kennedy about the new album, tour and their plans for this year.

So, good tour so far?

Garrett (bass): Yeah, it’s been pretty awesome!  It took like a couple days to definitely get in like the swing of it, just because different country kind of thing. But yeah, I feel like each show keeps getting better and better.

Have you been well received?

Garrett: Yeah, definitely!

Has there been any highlight of the tour so far or are you waiting for the highlight?

Garrett: There have been some pretty crazy nights…

Kennedy (guitar): [laughs] yeah, we’ve had fun.

Garrett: You went to a football game yesterday.

Kennedy:  I went and saw Man City play so, I was really excited! I haven’t been to a game over here ever before so that was really fun! I’m looking forward to London.

Garrett: Yeah London always seems to be off the chain! People should start using that more often: off the chain, off the hook, tight.

Should be a song or next album

Garrett: Yeah, “off the hook!” [laughs]

Has there been a low point of the tour, has anything shit happened?

Garrett:  Uhm, it’s been raining and kind of been extremely cold. That’s pretty much the only thing we can complain about, just the weather.

Kennedy: Yeah, we don’t have that much to complain about.

Well, that’s good to hear!

Kennedy: Yeah!

We’ve got some fan questions. Chloe asks what album do you prefer to play live from?

Kennedy: I really enjoy playing stuff off the new album  personally. I mean, that’s just because it’s new and exciting for us.

Garrett: Uhm, yeah definitely the new one’s fun. I feel like there are songs on other records that I really enjoy playing live.

Kennedy: And we like to switch it up, like switch songs up and make them more exciting  for us, so when we go back and play the old songs it’s not you know, not boring for us.

She also asks if there’s a song you regret writing?

Garrett: Uhm, no. I mean I think everything that we’ve done has got us to wherever we’re at so, definitely don’t regret writing anything. There are things that I will probably never ever listen to again. But it’s not regret doing it at all.

Abigail asks what inspired you to make pioneer?

Garrett: REBEL! [laughs] No, I just feel like it was kind of like we started again. It kind of felt like writing songs for like a new band almost, like we were just sitting in the room. It wasn’t like “oh we need a fast song” or “oh, we need like a slow tempo song”

Kennedy: Right, it felt very natural.

Garrett: Yeah, it was definitely just us jamming together and writing whatever came out. And yeah I think that’s probably why that’s like the best record I feel that we have. It was just total free, no pressure, the label wasn’t even any part of it whatsoever .

Kennedy: [laughs] Yeah I mean we kind of started recording it without the idea in mind that it would actually be a record or not, we just started writing and recording so I think it just kind of fell into place, it wasn’t really anything different that inspired it, it was just a natural progression.

Garrett: Yeah there was not a person behind a desk saying “you guys need a single!” it was definitely not that, which has been the case for early records so.

So back to touring. What do you get up to on your days off on tour, apart from football matches?

Garrett: I mean yesterday we went and hung out it was good. Never Shout Never played in Manchester last night and we all went and hung out with them. It’s always nice to see friends out on tour, it’s random that we kind of like get to do that.

Kennedy: Especially being so far away from home.

Garrett:  Yeah It was really nice to see them. I mean, that’s not a normal day off but you know.

You always hang out with Never Shout Never. Every day!

Garrett: [laughter] no, but I mean seeing friends.

Kennedy: [laughter] playing Yahtzee!

Garrett:  It’s usually like recover day, everyone’s just kind of walking to go see something, maybe. It’s just a recover day, maybe a little shopping.

Any shops you like here?

Garrett:  Topshop is cool! I guess topman, that’s the one. We got some gear for the show tonight at topshop or topman.

Kennedy: [laughter]We’re excited!

Garrett: Oh, it’s pretty cool! Prepare yourselves.

We’re excited! Who are your favourite bands to tour with?

Garrett: Uhm, Never Shout’s awesome, A Rocket to the Moon those are some of like our best friends from back home, so that’s always nice. Taking Back Sunday was incredible. Augustana was amazing!

Kennedy: There’s just a lot of bands [laughter]

Garrett: Yeah, we’ve definitely got a lot of friends out there and it’s nice to be on the road with people who are cool and friendly.

So what do you miss the most about being at home when you come over to England?

Kennedy: Uhm, I mean I don’t turn my phone on here because it costs a lot of money so my mom’s just like, doesn’t know what I’m doing all the time, so I feel bad that I never call.

Garrett: Probably a phone, just to be able to be like “hey, hello, I’m not dead!”

Kennedy: I think just the familiarity of home is nice sometimes. Especially when you’re out of the country, everything’s kind of, you don’t know where, you know, some place to eat is just anything around you. So it’s interesting.

Garrett: But it’s cool being over here, like I think this is the 3rd time? No, 4th time we’ve been over here.

Kennedy: It gets better and better every time

G: Oh yeah it’s like. I mean we went to Brazil like a couple of months ago and that was just like a complete shock!  Like, I didn’t know anything. I remember the first time we came here that’s kind of how it felt like to me. But now this kind of just feels like some kind of place in the States or something, I don’t know. It’s definitely not as scary as it used to be. But the oh, the coins! All the coins you guys have it’s like I need a little purse or something because it’s like, they don’t fit in my wallet!

Kennedy: [laughter] Yeah whenever I’m walking around I’m just jingling.

Garrett: Check this out, yeah just like, oh, wait I don’t have very many right now but I did!

Kennedy: I got rid of like 10 pounds in coins today.

Garrett: It’s so heavy, it’s thick!


Do you have any future plans for tour?

Garrett: We’re definitely doing a spring tour. It’s not like 100% confirmed on anything but definitely that.

Kennedy: In the States we’ll be doing that.

Garrett: We’re hoping to kind of bring it all around, maybe go to Australia, and back over here, maybe go to Brazil again. It just depends; it’s just a lot of money to get to all those places. So we’ll see if we can do that.

Somewhere online, it said you were trying to get on tour with the Foo Fighters. Is there any truth to that?

Garrett: I would love to tour with the Foo Fighters! But I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But we’re actually playing a show with them, there’s a festival called Bamboozle and we’re all very excited about it because DAVE GROHL!

What about warped tour? There are a few rumours now about All Time Low playing this year. Any idea if you guys might play as well?

Kennedy:  As far as I know I don’t think we’re doing warped tour. I think we kind of bounced around the idea of doing a week or two, but I’m not sure if that’s going to actually come to fruition.

Garrett: I would love to, I had a great time and I feel like I’d have a better time this time.

What about UK festivals?

Garrett: I haven’t heard a single thing about that so it’s looking like no.

Is that something you guys would like to do?

Kennedy: Oh yeah absolutely.

Garrett: We’ve been talking about that for years but for some reason or another that just hasn’t happened yet.  I would hope that yeah. It would be fucking awesome!


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