The Devil Wears Prada Interview!

devilwearspradaPlaying the Monster stage at Slam Dunk 2014, The Devil Wears Prada guitarist Chris sits down with us to talk about Kebabs, his ‘best guitarist’ award and Warped Tour.



HTS: Hey Chris! You’ve just been touring with ‘The Ghost Inside’, how did that go?

Chris: It’s been really good. Over here we don’t do as well as we do in the States, we’re still building. It’s been surprisingly good, because sometimes people just stand there, and fold their arms and watch you play but The Ghost Inside are a rowdy band, so they’ve been rowdy for us too. It’s awesome.

HTS: What can we expect from your set today?

Chris: Well we play for a shorter amount of time, so we pretty much do more popular songs. As much of a mixture of old to new stuff we can with the choice of five songs.

HTS: What makes Slam Dunk so special?

Chris: Well I’ve never played Slam Dunk before so I have no idea, but we will find out. But so far it’s the rain. I hear the stage we’re playing is in a tent and there’s grass in there and it’s completely already a puddle so it should be interesting. We’ll see how that goes down.

HTS: You’ve been nominated by Alternative Press for ‘Best Guitarist’. How does that feel?

Chris: I have no idea how that happened. I don’t know who voted or anything like that because I don’t have a lot of followers on social media like some people do and I would never consider myself a really good guitar player. I just woke up one day and my wife was like “look at this, you’re on this thing.” But obviously I’m honoured because I’m not really a shredder type guitar player but in a way I think it’s because people like our band so that’s cool.

HTS: You’re playing Warped Tour US this summer. How does Warped Tour compare to other fests?

Chris: I like playing Warped Tour, because every day there’s consistency in the sense of every day you know there’s going to be catering, you know you’re going to have showers. All the behind the scenes stuff and then you know there’s going to be people there, so you don’t have to worry that nobody came to the show, plus there’s just lots of good friends on it and I know what I’m getting myself into. It’s like clockwork, and everything runs smoothly.

HTS: What’s your favourite thing about the UK?

Chris: Kebab shops that are open super late when nothing else is! I know it’s not high on the list of cool things but I live a very not cool life when we’re on tour over here.

HTS: If you could listen to just one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Chris: Oh man, probably ‘Plans’ by Death Cab For Cutie just because its my go-to when I don’t know what else to listen to. I listen to it when I’m sad, I listen to it when I’m happy and it always works. It’s one of my favourite albums.

HTS: Who are you planning on checking out today?

Chris: I wanna see Hit The Lights. They’re from Ohio where I grew up, I had no idea they were playing. Pretty much all the bands on our stage. I’m just going to sit there out of boredom probably. Hit The Lights are the only band I saw and was like “I have to watch them” because I don’t really listen to pop punk but one of their albums is the only pop punk I ever listen to. If you don’t count Blink-182 and all that.

HTS: Is that a favourite about festivals? You can play your set then see friends and watch bands?

Chris: Yeah, it’s definitely a plus. Especially when they’re bands that I like. We played Graspop and there were so many bands that I would go see normally, it’s nice and convenient. It’s more fun that just sitting around doing nothing after you play.

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