The 3 best moments from Beartooth’s new video for ‘In Between’

beartoothBeartooth is a pretty gnarly name for a band. What does it make you think of when you hear it? Obviously a big badass bear and the bands razor sharp music, but now you can add a few more things. The quintet from Ohio have released a new video for the undoubtedly catchy ‘In Between’ from their debut album Disgusting.


Here are some of our favourite moments from the video.

1. The setting.
We love the cabin in the woods vibe going on and utilising a key lyric from the chorus to emphasise their point. “Up in the mountain I see down below, it’s easy to lose yourself I know”. 







2. The performance.
A lot has been said about Beartooth and that it’s almost like ‘The Caleb Shomo Show’ so isn’t nice to see the whole band rocking out to this one? Plus the backdrop is stunning.







3. Axes.
Seriously how badass are axes? The boys arrive just in time to save Caleb from drowning in his quaint little cabin.







See the video for yourself below!

The band hit the UK next month with a couple of headline performances around their shows at Slam Dunk!

May 18th – Reading – The Bowery District

May 19th – Bournemouth – The Anvil

May 20th – Northampton – Roadmenders

May 21st – Carlisle – Brickyard

May 22nd – Edinburgh – Studio 24

May 23rd – Leeds – Slam Dunk Festival

May 24th – Hatfield – Slam Dunk Festival

May 25th – Wolverhampton – Slam Dunk Festival