Summer City Interview!


Standing outside Camden Underworld, and soaking up the fresh bitter air after retreating from the sticky cavern of the venue, Summer City have just come off stage supporting Elliot Minor on their mini #EMonemoretime reunion tour. It’s a pretty big deal for the York lads, so we grabbed them (sweaty t-shirts and all) for a quick chat about their future plans, Mark Hoppus, and puberty.


HTS: Hi guys! What’s the story behind the name ‘Summer City’?

Benji; (vocals/guitar) Two or three years ago we had a different name, and we wanted a new name so we posted it on… I think it was MySpace and said “we weed a new name can you guys recommend something” and someone said “summer something” and someone else said “something city” so we stuck the two together!

HTS: Tell us a few of your influences?

Benji: Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday. My Chemical Romance are the best band on the planet, you heard that from me! And like Skrillex and Knife Party. And Pendulum!

Ben: We want a dance vibe with kind of post hardcore, you can hear it all coming through we hope.

HTS: What inspired you to start a band?

Ben: We were kind of just mates and it happened. We all played separately just for a bit of fun.

Kit: We were like 13 at school weren’t we, it was beautiful (laughs). It was just so colourful and harmonious!

Ben: And we all shared puberty together (laughs), I think that really developed our musical taste. I was there for Kit’s first shave.

Benji: I pulled out his (Ben’s) first armpit hair and he cried.

HTS: Mark Hoppus said that your song was one of his favourite songs; so what was it like receiving that compliment?

Kit: Oh my God…

Ben: It was mental.

Benji: Blink 182 were like the reason we got together, we started off as a Blink 182 covers band.

Kit: My first bass was Mark Hoppus’ signature bass guitar. It was just a whole new level.

Benji: We’re not quite sure how that happened, but its amazing.

Ben: We got it when we were in our last year of school, and someone just ran in with their laptop like “look at this!” I lost my shit.

Kit: It’s done a lot for us in terms of pulling fans.

Benji: I think every success we’ve had so far is because of Mark Hoppus (laughs)

HTS: How was it supporting Elliot minor at a sold out show?

Benji; It’s awesome! We’re from the same town as those guys so, from Yorkshire, so its really really cool to come and play with those guys, especially seeing as I used to live in the same village as Alex (Davies, vocals). When I was 13/14  I was watching those guys get massive and then they split up, so to play with those guys when they get back together is really awesome. This sounds really mad but this is like a childhood dream because I watched those guys exploding as I was growing up so its awesome. I’m thrilled to pieces, and I think they should stay together, I’m going to go on record as saying that!

What are your plans for 2014?

Benji: We’ve got an EP coming out, that should be awesome!

Ben: Hopefully in the next couple of months, we’ve been sitting on it for about a year and a half.

Kit: Couple of festival slots.

Ben: New video, waiting to release!

Kit: The EP we’re releasing now is called Six Good Reasons.

Ben: Hopefully we’ll get up and down the country a bit more this year!


Check out more from Summer City on their Facebook, and check out their latest video for “Going Under” below;