Seether – Isolate and Medicate ★★★★☆

Seether-Isolate-and-MedicateArtist: Seether

Album: Isolate and Medicate

Release Date: July 1st

Label: Concord Records




With grunge running through their veins and metal resonating their bones, three piece Seether are back, and it’s been a long time coming.

Having been under the radar, with only the release of a compilation album last year, we can see why. Hard work in the studio certainly pays off on their latest album Isolate and Medicate

Opening with See You At The Bottom, it’s clear that  Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart and John Humphrey have no intention of holding back on this record. Throwing us in at the deep end, only to float back to the surface with their typical build up before the chorus mercilessly drags you back under again.

Their second track, Same Damn Life, begins with a pop punk feel Morgan belts out quirky one liners over catchy riffs. We also get a taster of Dale Stewart’s impressive vocal range and he reaches higher octaves in a call and answer style with Morgan.

Words As Weapons is the first single released from the album. Despite originally intended to be released on their compilation album last year, we’re glad they didn’t as this track accurately portrays exactly what the album is about. Flitting between acoustic hooks to heavy breaks, and of course, including their age-old references to drowning, Morgans vocals echo across the track, gasping to be heard before they become smothered by deafening riffs and drum fills. Seether tease the listener in this track as the build up to the climax, before going to the acoustic break which is just as, if not more agressive.

The middle point of the album, Crash, is more gentle and melodic, almost caressing the listener with melodic guitar and a more predictable structure as Morgan pours his emotions out in a reminscent. However, this doesn’t last for long as typical Seether burst in with crashing guitars and bone shuddering melodies that create tension and flutter across the not disappoint as they unexpectedly throw the listener into a flurry of well produced melodies and vocal echoes.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Because Seether are about to pull the chair from beneath you and leave you in agony on the floor as the boys mercilessly attack on the next song Suffer It All. Showing their heavier, metal roots before they let loose on the chorus as their vocals flow effortlessly. Seether prove they’ve still got it with gnarly bass riffs and Morgan’s gritty vocals add some much needed backbone.

Keep The Dogs At Bay in the penultimate track of the album. Like a predator catching it’s prey, Seether ease the listener in with a melodic introduction before brutally attacking with spine shattering riffs and forceful drum beats.

The final track of the album, surprisingly, is the slowest of the record with a very reminscent feel. Save Today. Morgans heartfelt lyrics directly address the listener as they powerfully dominate the track over soft, melodic guitar and repetitive drum beats. Acoustic breaks, repetitive lyrics enforcing the message “Save today the secrets that you prayed for, save today because you deserve so much more.”

A reminscent tone resonates throughout the entirety of this record as Seether look back over their past relationships (cough, Amy Lee, cough) in an almost bitter, regretful manner. All this while still managing to punch you in the face with songs that bite into the album, very much proving that Seether have still got it. The boys work well together, and their maturity shines through in both the album’s content and production quality.

Despite the bad reception from their compilation album last year, Seether have shown they ain’t going anywhere any time soon, and we thank them for it.