Rise Against – Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000 – 2013 ★★★★☆

698121The Chicago natives have done it again with their crazy good collection of songs that never made their full albums. It’s like delving into a treasure chest of Rise Against’s recording history; an extraordinary journey from their own material to jaw-droppingly incredible covers.

Opening with the slamming bass riffs of Joe Principe, “Historia Calamitatum” holds the signature sound of the band; heavy drum and symbol crashing with a pinch of dramatic silences with a huge dose of the rich unmistakable tone of Tim McIlrath, the perfect recipe for a Rise Against belter of a track.

Accompanied with the stunning acoustic version of “Everchanging”, it’s really a defining album (which isn’t really an album!) for the group. But what really makes this album is the covers.

From the legendary Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to Black Flag and Nirvana, it really is a mix bag of songs and unsurprisingly Rise Against have done them justice and then some.

Stand-out tracks on the record are: the in-your-face cover of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It”, the vulnerably acoustic starting Face to Face cover “Blind” and the light rock “Dirt and Roses”.

Thank you to Rise Against for releasing this compilation, otherwise the fans would have missed out on 26 amazing gems of mind blowing tunes!

1. ‘Historia Calamitatum’
2. ‘Death Blossoms’
3. ‘Elective Amnesia’
4. ‘Grammatizator’
5. ‘Blind’
6. ‘Everchanging’
7. ‘Generation Lost’
8. ‘Dirt and Roses’
9. ‘Ballad of Hollis Brown’
10.’ Sight Unseen’
11. ‘Lanterns’
12. ‘Making Christmas’
13. ‘Join The Ranks’
14. ‘Built To Last’
15. ‘Voice of Dissent’
16. ‘Little Boxes’
17. ‘Give it All’
18. ‘Minor Threat’
19. ‘Obstructed View’
20. ‘But Tonight We Dance’
21. ‘Nervous Breakdown’
22. ‘Gethsemane’
23. ‘Boy’s No Good’
24. ‘Any Way You Want It’
25. ‘Sliver’
26. ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’

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