REVIEW: While She Sleeps @ Reading Festival ★★★☆☆

wss at reading

While She Sleeps haven’t had the most easiest of journeys since last time they were here at Reading Festival. After opening the main stage at last years festival, the band have been busy locked away writing material for their second album. However towards the end of the year, vocalist Lawrence ‘Loz’ Taylor had to undergo throat surgery which put the album on the back burner while he rested up. Having only played a handful of shows this year due to said surgery, everyone here in The Pit are ready to see the Steel City lads do what they do best and deliver a set of huge metal tracks and lay waste to everything in their path.

Just like last year ‘Death Toll’ starts things off as in riots form however something is a awry here, Loz’s voice sound hugely different, he seems to have lost a lot of the power and visceral bite that he normally has to deliver, which is a shame. Also as the set goes on he seems to notice it himself, and even thanks the audience for sticking by the band as they deal with this shit sandwich they’ve been dealt. However ever the professionals they carry on and play harder to make up for time spent away. ‘This Is The Six’ is a deafening battle cry and ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ is as brutal as ever.

Then it all goes tits up. An enormous wall of death occurs during fan favourite ‘Crows’, which if you’ve seen WSS before, know that this always  happens towards the songs climax. But, the band tell us they’re getting cut off and have one more song, which is the heartfelt and epic ‘Our Courage, Our Cancer’. Not the best return for the boys but we’re sure as hell they’ll make up for it soon with new material before the end of the year or early next year.

We’d also like to hope Loz carries on well with his recovery and is in fine voice soon.