REVIEW: Tonight Alive @ Leeds Festival ★★★★☆

tonight at leeds

Following the opening act on the first day of any festival isn’t an easy feat for even the most established of bands; especially as us northerners love our music almost as much as we love our sleep. But the pop-punk sounds of Tonight Alive ain’t too bad an alarm clock.

The five piece appear to have bought their hometowns Australian sunshine along with them, instantly setting the scene for their positive performance. Their pop – rock ratio is gratefully heavier on the latter, in both their musical style and lyrical content as their music addresses serious issues that are painfully scarce in the pop industry. A healthy mix of their older favourites combined with newer tracks off their 2013 album The Other Side made for a steady show. The entire band appeared to give off a more energetic performance parallel to the crowds reaction, the foundation of any long lasting relationship.

Bounding the length of the stage like an excited Labrador puppy, TA’s vocalist Jenna McDougall’s energetic performance is refreshing for a Friday morning as fans are jumping and crowds are surfing. TA’s passionate performance grows with their confidence, as the excited crowds reactions are reflected by the bands. There is a clear relationship between the crowds reaction in parallel to the level of which each song is performed, which becomes evident as they perform What Are You So Scared Of? much to their fans delight. All done in a fabulous pair of trousers (flared, naturally).

Despite the Aussie’s being far from home, they aren’t shy to make the most of their slot as they dominate the stage and make full use of the space given to them, McDougall especially so as she hops from one platform to the next.

But their long distance relationship with the UK doesn’t go unnoticed. McDougall speaks for the entirety of the band as she plays up to the crowd by  announcing their love for Great Britain; ‘The UK is like a second home to us, so thank you guys so much.’ but this was  always going to be met by a wave of appreciate cheers from the patriotic crowd, wasn’t it.

Starting out as nothing more than a handful of high school kids jamming in their parents basement, Tonight Alive have ridden the thrashing waves of success, and are now bathing in the bottomless love of Leeds Fest fans.

Having performed on the stage as some legendary acts before them, Tonight Alive have some pretty big boots to fill, and they certainly show growing potential with McDougall to guide them through their pubescent years.

Check out Tonight’s Alive latest video offering “The Edge” below;