REVIEW: The Story So Far @ Reading Festival ★★★★☆


The Story So Far take their name from a New Found Glory song, as like their namesake, they get to perform on the Reading & Leeds main stage just like NFG have many times before. They’ll also be opening the main stage today in decent weather conditions as well. Will the gods be shining on TSSF today and grant them smooth sailing for the next 40 minutes?

Kicking up a storm from the off with ‘Right Here’ the band whip up the early attendees into a frenzy with its catchy as hell hooks upbeat tempo. Fan favourite ‘Quicksand’ makes an early appearance and boosts confidence levels up as the band visibly enjoying every second of this so far. Parker Cannon’s onstage banter and crowd interaction leaves a lot to be desired and he turns things very awkward by not really filling the silence in between songs. But he doesn’t need to be all that engaging when they have tracks such as ‘Empty Space’ and ‘Daughters’ in their back catalogue. The band sound absolutely brilliant today, clear, tight and strong.

‘Things I Cant Change’ provides a momentous sing-a-long and the crowd by this point has grown and grown as passers by stop to give the band their attention to one of the biggest shows of their glistening career. ‘The Glass’ opens up circle pits and ‘High Regard’ ends proceedings on a high. The band win over a lot of this crowd and put in a terrific performance as one of the best opening main stage acts of recent years. The cameramen put the guys off a little bit towards the end with consistent shots from the barrier that show one man with his pants down, that after a few minutes graduates into six  men with their asses on show. It’s all fun and games at a festival right?