REVIEW: Papa Roach @ Leeds Festival ★★★★☆

papa t leeds 

Festivals and Papa Roach have been walking hand in hand for quite some time, and it’s not hard to see why. Having performed at Download in 2013, and Reading and Leeds this year, frontman Jacoby Shaddix is certainly throwing his weight around (which in recent years, doesn’t look easy).

Yet the bands love for performing is as fresh and energetic as it was twenty years ago as all four members pours all their emotion into each song. Sweat is dripping, veins are popping and their hairspray is almost as strong as their foundations.

This year sees them celebrating their twentieth anniversary, and their age deceives them as they have more energy and more limber than the majority of acts to walk main stage throughout the weekend; proving that nothing much changes; the fans still love them, they still love the fans and Shaddix’s outfit hasn’t changed in about twenty years.

‘The people over here in the front, we love you. The people moving at the back, well we love you guys too. And the people stood there with their thumbs up their butts, we don’t know how the hell we feel about you.’ As charismatic as ever Papa Roach appear to be enjoying themselves as much, if not more, than the Leeds crowd themselves. And when the band are enjoying the show, the crowd just can’t help it.

In fact, the crowd seem to enjoy the show even more after Shaddix fell off the stage like a brick in the bottom of the ocean, snapping the entire tea station table in half (fucking hilarious and impressive) – the cameraman deserves a pay rise.

Obsession, Last Resort and Getting Away With Murder proving, as ever, to be the crowds favourite, raising the bar for the rest of the acts that weekend.

If Papa Roach can still perform to that standard twenty years on, then here’s to another two decades!