REVIEW: Mayday Parade @ Leeds Festival ★★★★☆

mayday at leeds 

The soundtrack to our teenage years, Mayday Parade dominated the support slot of Festival Republic stage on the first night of the festival.

The fact that the crowd were already heaving before the five piece had even wandered onto stage was always going to set the show off to a good start – whether they’re there to watch MP or just avoid Macklemore on the main stage…

The opening track Jamie All Over was met by a sea of hands in the air as the lyrics were sung back, with vocalist Derek Sanders having to miss a few lines due the wonderful fact that he couldn’t tear the grin away from his face throughout the entirety of the set.

Yet whilst the band may still look young, their music has certainly matured as even the crowd favourites of Black Cat and Three Cheers For Five Years sound impeccable. The playful attitude between guitarists and the drummer only emphasises the tightness of the boys, both in their musical styles and friendship as each member bounces off the next, vibing energy and passion throughout.

Yet it’s not just the golden oldies that the band, and the crowd are eager to hear. With their fourth studio album released just last October, Monsters In The Closet boasts an impressive 12 tracks portraying the maturity and relevance of the band, the band are proving they are still developing today, no matter how many years ago it was you were applying your black eyeliner (guys, we’re looking at you) and singing their songs to yourself in the mirror.

Whether you want to reminisce and bring out the inner teenage emo we all know you’ve been hiding, or reignite your love for a band with fire burning in their eyes and chasing them at the heels as they continue to make new music, they put on a damn good show for all types of fans.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. Mayday Parade are taking the America by storm with their October tour for their latest record.

Check out Mayday’s latest video for “Hold On To Me”;