REVIEW: Hacktivist @ Reading Festival ★★★☆☆


Milton Keynes rap metal crossover newcomers Hacktivist are the first order of the day on main stage here at Reading Festival and they’re here to dish out their brand of bass heavy riffs and razor sharp vocals. A decent sized crowd appears willing and waiting before the band take the stage, and when they do bound onto the stage, the quintet look out with smiles and anticipation of whats yet to come.

If you have a crippling hangover from the night before then this is all probably going to be a bit much to take on so early in the day, the low end of Timfy James’ guitar and Josh Gurner’s bass shake the foundations of the main stage and the riff work allow for the audience in attendance to bounce and bound about like idiots. The dual vocal delivery of J Hurley and Ben Marvin is cutting edge and the trade off of verses and lines between the two is well rehearsed and keeps the tracks flowing and interesting enough to keep your attention. However a few songs in and with the bass heavy low end a lot of the material sounds similar and thats where our attention span starts to wane. The band ooze swagger and match the energy of the crowd as they prowl and dart across every inch of the sacred main stage.

It’s a solid start to proceedings and the guys pass the test of living up to their opening slot with their pick-a-mix of different genres fused together to create a fresh and intriguing sound, but we can’t help but feel that they would’ve been better off suited to a tent where the sound doesn’t get lost in the open air and carried off by the wind.

Watch Hacktivist’s new video for ‘False Idols’ below;

Get the single on iTunes here – False Idols – Single – Hacktivist