REVIEW: Every Time I Die @ Reading Festival ★★★★★

etid at read

Hardcore punk veterans Every Time I Die are always one of the top picks when festival season comes around and we sure are glad they chose Reading & Leeds this year. Armed with new album ‘From Parts Unknown’ and a ETID British backdrop, it’s clear to see they love us as much as we love them. So, last time they were here for August bank holiday weekend they made the Lock Up stage their own and blew away the competition. Can they repeat this feat?

‘Floater’ kickstarts tonights early evening riot with its incendiary riffs and Keith Buckley’s gravel-throated delivery. He is in superb voice tonight and spits fire with every word uttered. ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’ delivers one of the heaviest moments of the weekend and loudest chants of “I want to be dead with my friends”. This is all blisteringly phenomenal stuff from the Buffalo boys.

New songs ‘Thirst’ and ‘Decayin’ With The Boys’ slide into the setlist with ease and ensue mass carnage throughout. It’s amazing to see a band in their 30’s and over ten year tenure in the music business to get better with every record and every live show. The swagger of staple live song ‘The New Black’ is still as fresh sounding as ever with its infectious and delicious guitar work and insatiable vocals.‘Ebolarama’ crushes and quickens the pace with circle pits in full swing and the deadly lyric of “when the urgency strikes you, you better not lose your nerve”  looking like it still resonates with the band as importantly as it was when it was penned. ‘We’rewolf’ brings the party and good times to a close before the mountainous ‘No Son Of Mine’ sparks into life and lays to waste everyone and everything in its vicinity.

Every Time I Die know how to do live shows, they know to work a festival crowd and do it with ease. Take note if you’re just starting out in a band: this is how it’s done.