REVIEW: Download Festival 2014 – Sunday


The final day of Download Festival 2014 is upon us, and our livers and dignity can’t thank us enough. The dire lack of food, hygiene and alcohol we are left to work with is made up for the fact that we still have another twelve hours of fab fucking music to get us through.

Check out our review of Sunday Download 2014 below:


Artist: Steel Panther

Stage: Main Stage

Time: 5:40 – 6:40

Rating:  ★★★★☆

Glamorous wigs, flawless makeup, and veeeery tight spandex are all key ingredients to any Steel Panther show. As the glam four piece take their rightfully annual spot on main stage,

Opening with a track off their latest album, Pussywhipped was the perfect way to gently ease the hungover crowd into the beginnings of a show filled with enough scandal to instill a lawsuit. Of course every Panther show includes the fan favourites – the politically incorrect Asian Hooker, the shameless Community Property and a education in spelling in Gold Digging Whore. Don’t call SP fans uneducated, we learnt more about the birds and the bees in a Panther song than we ever did from Mom and Dad.

Download was treated to an exclusive performance of Girl From Oaklahoma which saw all four wig-wearing, lipstick loving members pick up an acoustic guitar and serenade 80,000 people.

Tops and bras were thrown aside as 17 girls danced on stage along to the track 17 Girls, much to the delight of Starr and c0, as thousands of people looked on as Starr commanded three girls to make out with each other on stage. How do they get away with such derogatory slander, I hear you cry. A shrug of the shoulders, a punch on the arm and the words ‘it’s a Steel Panther show man’ answers all.

The comedic stage show got the masses laughing along to their risqué lyrics and on stage bants. Tits and jokes aside, the band deserve more merit than they are given for still going strong at their age, as Satchel proudly announces that vocalist Starr is at the ripe age of 67, which unfortunately for him the countless Botox injections are slowly failing to disguise. Lexxi’s bass playing, when not glancing at himself in the mirror to re-apply his lipstick (flawlessly may I add) is of an equally high standard. Combine that with Satchel’s finger blasting (sorry) envied by men and adored by the women of Download, and Stix‘s sticks, how can you deny their heavy metal power.

It wouldn’t be a Steel Panther show, hell it wouldn’t be a Download show if the set didn’t include their final track Death To All But Metal. Leaving the lyrics passing through the lips of Downloaders throughout the rest of the day is the most ideal theme tune for Download, wouldn’t ya say.



Artist: The Used

Stage: Pepsi Max Stage

Time: 8:05 – 8:45

Rating: ★★★★☆


The Pepsi Max stage was heaving with fans of the younger generations as people gave ‘crammed’ a whole new meaning. Having dipped their musical pen into an array of sub-genres ranging from pop-rock, alternative to hardcore, The Used fanbase is eclectic, and their performance at Donwload did not disappoint.

After a deafening applause as the four piece sauntered on stage, their nine track set began with Cry from their politically charged latest album Imaginary Enemy.

As well as their latest songs which the boys seem keen to show off, The Used also included old school faves such as The Bird and The Worm and The Taste Of Ink which filled the sweaty tent with energy as fans crowded from the outside to catch a glimpse of the action.

The only thing breaking up their energy-pumped set was Bert McCracken addressing the crowd as if they were long lost friends reunited. Emotionally-fuelled speeches and political charged statements resulted in rapturous applause, as the crowd hung off his every word.

The ending track, A Box Full Of Sharp Objects unravelled into a Download sing along as the band and the crowd seized their one last chance to give each other everything they’ve got. The passion of the band was contagious and soon enough the crowd were infected with fierce dedication towards them.


Aerosmith band lineup

Artist: Aerosmith

Stage: Main Stage

Time: 9:15 – 10:50 

Rating: ★★★★★

After Alter Bridge had finished warming up main stage, crowds varying from middle-aged mothers to heavy metal veterans all flooded towards the main stage for the final performance of Download 2014. And what a performance it was.

Perry, Kramer, Hamilton and Bradshaw all confidently swaggered onto the stage, of course it wasn’t until Tyler, all dressed in white, finally breezed on did the crowds erupt with applause and catcalls.

Opening with a cover of jazz singer Tiny Bradshaw‘s Train Kept A-Rollin’, may appear to be a unlikely choice to open their headlining set at a heavy metal festival, however, having already been covered by the likes of Motorhead, Skid Row and Hendrix to name a few, it suited perfectly.

The energy and love for Aerosmith remained at an all time high throughout the entirety of their 19 track set, tracks including Dude (Looks Like A Lady), Walk This Way and Cryin’: all were the foundation of an 80,000 people sing-a-long.

Tyler injected each song with his own personal twist of trills and noises adding to the funkiness that is Aerosmith. However he proved that he wasn’t just a beautiful man with a beautiful voice, but also a dab-hand at ‘aving a twinkle on the old piano and harmonizing on the harmonica. He truly is a man of many talents.

Tyler puts on a show of his own as he separates himself from the band and proceeds to shake and thrust (yes, really) down the catwalk of main stage for the majority of their set.

Yet it’s not just Tyler that steals the show, lead guitarist Joe Perry throws in some spine tingling solos enough to make Satchel look like a school boy.

Ending with their second encore of Mama Kin, Aerosmith are walking, talking evidence that they have still got it and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Whilst a slightly unusual choice for Download, Andy Copping proved critics wrong as he worked his annual sprinkle of magic across the fields of Donnington once again.