REVIEW: Don Broco @ Leeds Festival ★★★★☆

don at leeds

Travelling all the way from Bedford daarn south, four piece Don Broco appear to be all brawn with less brain as front man Rob Demiani adopts the painfully popular ‘lad culture’ vibe, with a sense of pubescent immaturity that is rarely found outside of a high school class room.

Yet this doesn’t hinder, but rather seems to increase the crowds hunger. Energy is overflowing in the NME tent and spills out onto those outside who are straining to catch a glimpse – not all girls, surprisingly.The fans turn out, the girls take their off their tops and hands and feet are bouncing in unison.

Damiani successfully manages to pull the festival out of its late Sunday afternoon lull, which is no easy feat for even the most muscle-ridden of front men. All four members of the band prove to be  equally as vital and as focused as the next, bouncing off each other’s energy, and if they look like they’re having fun, then the crowd are going to have a pretty good time too.

Smashing out hit after hit, their seven track setlist included a selective handful of new songs as well as a sprinkling of those more popular such as the clear fave Priorities.

Damiani may have been the only person brave (or stupid) enough to try to get the people of Leeds Fest to create a Wall Of Death on a Sunday afternoon; it did not end well. However, crowd surfing – always a success.

Drenched in a flurry of grinding guitars and thrashing drums, people leave the tent feeling slightly more alive than when they went in thanks to Don Broco’s contagiously refreshing energy. With a dose of fire in their bellies and hunger in their eyes Don Broco successfully powered their way through their Sunday evening set, to the delight of old fans, and possibly new for those who weren’t too drunk to remember it.