REVIEW: Basement @ Reading Festival ★★★★☆

basement at reading

Basement have been away for a while, the Ipswich 5 piece started up in 2009, went on hiatus in 2012 and on January 29th 2014 they announced they would be back. It’s fair to say a lot of kids on the internet lost their shit when the news broke out, some of us here at Hit The Scene were unaware of how loved the band were, so as we make our way to the The Pit stage to see what all the fuss was about we see the tent is overflowing with people wanting to catch a glimpse of the recently reunited emotive hardcore band.

There is Basement merch everywhere you look emblazoned with the bands signature logo, a simple ‘B’. As the band walk on stage they are greeted to an enormous cheer and they all break into smile before cracking straight into their set. ‘Whole’ takes the honour of being set opener and the energy and passion on and off stage is off the charts with the tent screaming back the refrain of “lie to me, lie to me, make me see”. From this moment on we know this is going to be something special. ‘Fading’ and ‘Canada Square’ bring even more sing-a-longs and an overall feeling of this being more than a gig for everyone involved surfaces as happiness and smiles are on the agenda today in abundance. “I hate myself, but that’s okay”  during ‘Pine’ is as emotional a line as any as the set is littered with such claims.

By the end of the bands allotted time we are transformed from curious onlookers to fans as the bands 90s influenced ’emo’ stylings are well executed and infectious to say the least. ‘Crickets Throw Their Voice’ closes things out and another huge sing-a-long to “breathing’s not easy, when you’re underwater”  and after all that, it’s over. Basement have played their hearts out to a crowd willing to fill them back up with all the love and appreciation they can muster. Who knew such sad songs could make for such an enjoyable time as everyone leaves smiling ear to ear.