REVIEW: Baby Godzilla @ Reading Festival ★★★★★

baby at reading

We featured Baby Godzilla as one of our ‘bands to watch’ at Reading & Leeds Festival this weekend, after hearing so much about their live show we just couldn’t miss them. For a band with a slowly growing reputation and small fan base the Lock Up stage is modestly full as we walk into the tent.

Now, BG are a 4 piece, yet upon our arrival we only notice 3 members onstage, guitarist Jonny Hall is roaming around the back of the crowd stirring up mischief already. Microphone stands are pulled and thrusted more times than a slutty rag doll on the lash and the boys throw themselves all over the stage, all over the tent and disregard their’s or anyone’s safety here today. It’s fucking dangerous in here, and we bloody love it. The noise the band create is hard to listen to like ‘Powerboat Disaster’ with it’s dirty verses and filthy vocals, but it’s all the soundtrack to the anarchy the band reveal in and why they’ve come so far in such a short time.

New single ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle’ offers more in terms of structure and cohesion and gets us excited at the prospect of a future album. Guitar cabs are thrown into circle pits as band and audience alike take turns to mount themselves on each other and on said cab. Main vocalist and guitarist Matt Reynolds bins off his guitar and makes his way to the sound desk of the Lock Up stage, unfortunately the microphone lead is literally a few inches to short to make for comfortable performing, so he grabs his guitar and scrambles back towards the stage.

Its all high octane action, unpredictable, and fucking enthralling. If you weren’t there, you missed out on one of the sets of the weekend.