Raised As Wolves – An Ocean On Fire (EP) ★★★☆☆


Yorkshire quintent Raised As Wolves deliver a post-hardcore delight in the form of EP ‘An Ocean On Fire’. Tinged with nu metal nuances, their sophomore EP provides Thrice and Funeral For a Friend-like influences, plus their own distinct sound of catchy riffs and vocal melodies.

Since forming in late 2011 whilst at Huddersfield University, the band have self produced and released a self-titled debut EP which was met with a great reaction, and in July 2012, completed a UK tour and have had the honour of sharing the stage with bands such as Marmozets, Mr Shiraz, and more.

The 5 track EP opener ’25/09/11′ (presumably the date the band was formed) is a prelude to the ensuing madness of the EP, a building prequel compete with distant screams, piano, and a feel similar to that of AFI’s ‘Decemberunderground’ opener ‘Prelude 12/21’.

2nd track ‘Conversations’ breathes Rise Against, with duelling riffs and an aggro but poignant sound.

Stand-out track ‘Aggressive Gentlemen, Not Reckless’, begins with remote vocals, and a pleasantly simple riff, slamming into a catchy as fuck Finch-esque chorus.

Closer ‘Reflection’ teams complex rhythm and melodies culminating in a Saves The Day-like ballad, rising to an epic end chorus.

While this EP does entertain, it does so because of a familiarity; we’ve heard a lot of it before. BUT, what’s so bad about that if you like it? All we can say about Raised As Wolves is; don’t forget this name.

Find out more about Raised As Wolves on their Facebook page, including tour dates and where to listen to this EP