One Last Shot – Bastards Of The Plague ★★★★☆

a0335475478_2Not going to lie; we’re stoked on this album. Produced by Steve Sopchak (Ice Nine Kills) and released on Halloween, whilst One Last Shot may be a baby band in the grand scheme of things, this shows potential through the goddamn roof. The first-album-MCR influences are rife, but so are touches of Aiden, Finch, and all that good shit. 

The guest vocals are impressive right off the bat, with William Control  and Matt Good lending their voices to 2 tracks  (‘Bury A Legend’ and ‘A Lizard In Brenda’ respectively). 

First track (minus the intro) ‘Ghost In Snow’ (great title, more My Chem-age) kicks off 12 tracks of outstanding lyricism and true metal sensibilities, long-lost to most of the up and comers today. Featuring gargled screams and melody aplenty, it’s a perfect beginning. 

We reach the middle point of the record with ‘Bring Out The Dead’, showering us with gang vocals and a power behind singer Jeremy’s vocals that is almost shocking; and the quieter almost-whisperings gives it another dimension.

‘A Lizard in Brenda’ (feat. Matt Good of FFTL) creates a disjointed circus vibe, akin to Fearless Vampire Killers. Matt Good’s vocals are a triumph, and the passion in screeched lyrics like “I’ll make it burn” are felt through the speakers.

‘Neon Gods’ breathes and screws raw emotion and anger, and makes you wanna go to back to high school and slam some kids up against their lockers; “you want to be us now, what happened to your friends?”. An ode to shitty frenemies.

Album closer “They Call Me “The Devil”‘ springs of Atreyu and Billy Talent, and concludes with a haunting refrain of the title lyrics.

Conjuring up a New Jersey basement scene, this album has everything an angst-ridden-anyone wants to hear. The only criticism is the fear to be softer. The complexity it is necessary to show to break out is more than just proving you can shred. You need some kindness to weigh out the cruel. This is clearly a band with many different influences, just like a certain native NJ crew, and melded together correctly, there’ll be no stopping them. 


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