Of Mice & Men – Restoring Force ★★★★☆

Of-Mice-Men-Restoring-Force-coverThe California quintet Of Mice & Men release their third album ‘Restoring Force’ through Rise Records, following on from their first two albums, this album displays the whole new band that is Of Mice & Men.

With Shayley Bourget as the lead songwriter for the earlier albums (Of Mice & Men, The Flood) departing the band and taking his melodic pop ideas to his new band Dayshell, ‘Restoring Force’ has pushed Of Mice & Men into making music that defines them as a band, and what has been produced is monstrous.
From the off (Public Service Announcement) the album drops into a colossal set of breakdowns the Metalcore faithful dream of, and throughout the album the key features are simply hard hitting riffs (You Make Me Sick, Feels Like Forever), crashing symbols (You’re Not Alone, Break Free) and some incredible vocal performances from frontman Austin Carlile (Identity Disorder, Would You Still Be There).

The lack of Shayley’s melodies may be clearly missing at times, but there is certainly not a lack of beautiful sections within the album (Another You, Space Enough To Grow) and Austin’s voice and lyric writing is shown off spectacularly in the album closer (Space Enough To Grow) which is a completely delicate piece which closes out the album exactly how this message that Of Mice & Men have put out to the world should be. Moving on from the loss of their lead songwriter was never going to be easy but this album should restore faith in the Of Mice & Men clan, as it shows them in a completely new light, (which is a big incredibly awesome light).

With this new album the band have offered it will divide fans straight down the middle with one side not accepting the fact that Of Mice & Men have tried something new and moved on, whereas the other side are loving every second of this massive album. The raw passion driving this album from start to finish gives every shred of energy the band can offer. Watching this album come to life on stage will definitely be an incredible experience that the bruises on your body will be a bittersweet reminder of.