Nothing More – Nothing More ★★★☆☆

NMArtist: Nothing More

Album: Nothing More

Release Date: June 23rd

Label: Eleven Seven Music Group


Texan/LA quarted Nothing More are set to release their debut album to much hype and anticipation after recently having a support slot on Killswitch Engage’s  US tour, but can they deliver the goods?

The album opens with a soft electronic, minute long track, ‘Ocean Floor’  which in hindsight feels quite apt to the sound and feeling of this opening. Cracking on and straight into ‘This Is The Time (Ballast)’  the song has an upbeat and steady feel to it but doesn’t burst out of the blocks and leave a lasting impression. Lead vocalist Jonny Hawkins  does however have an impressive range that is a plus to the relatively basic instrumentation. The djent/rock/metal/atmospheric style and sound should give for a unique listening experience, but the first few songs fail to materialise into anything groundbreaking.

Saying that though ‘Mr. MTV’  fuses clever lyrics and a vocal pattern to die for that will leave you singing for days and ‘First Punch’  is a definite live song that will cue hand clapping and general crowd interation with its arm waving mid tempo chorus. It does seem very radio rock friendly, but cannot deny the catchy melody and guitar work. As the album goes on similarities between bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Skillet appear and unfold and NM can be easily categorised in with those style of bands.

‘Sex & Lies’  could very easily be a Chiodos song with everything about it sounding like the Michigan quintet. The next few songs go by and before you know it the albums over. There’s potential in the songs but it doesn’t grab your attention quite enough. 17 songs is unheard of nowadays for albums, especially debut albums, which indicates that NM are trying very hard to make their mark early. Our advice? Let’s see how they sound live.

‘Nothing More’ play Download Festival next Saturday on The Red Bull Studio Stage between 17:15 – 17:40.
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