NEWS: Westboro Baptist Church homophobic parody of P!ATD ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’


Westboro Baptist Church, an American church well known for its extreme ideologies, have released their own homophobic version of Panic At The Disco‘s I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.

Their version, titled You Love Sin What A Tragedy, targets towards homosexuals. Lyrics include “Being gay is a blessing! What a beautiful wedding!” says the fag’s mom to a hater. And the crowd has no shame, what a shame, they’re all fags, fag pimps or whores. Now that is a tragedy.

As the group plan to picket Panic!’s show on the 20th of July, we encourage fans planning on attending the show to still attend (like you weren’t going to anyway!), and do the boys in P!ATD proud by ignoring these homophobes and their idiocy, and not be lured into acknowledging their presence.

Check out this violation of a song for yourselves below.