NEWS: The Blackout smash Kickstarter target in 28 hours!

The BlackoutThe Blackout‘s Kickstarter campaign to fund their new E.P. has been achieved in just over a day.

The Welsh six piece rock band’s campaign went live last friday, in order to raise £10,000 in funds for their new E.P. Wolves.

This record will be the third E.P. that the band has produced since they formed in 2003.

Gavin Butler, one of the lead vocalists for the band, wrote this statement on the band’s Facebook page:

“If you missed it yesterday, we reached our target to get our E.P. Wolves off the ground in JUST OVER 28 HOURS! Thank you so much to everyone who bought something, it means so much that you want us to make more music.

There are still items left on the kickstarter page. We’re looking at it from here on in as a pre-order platform. Physical copies of the E.P. will not be going into major stores but be sold through our webstore. So whether you pledge on the kickstarter or wait to buy from our online store, it’s pretty much the same thing. With one difference, your name in the artwork.

Digital release will happen through itunes, amazon and all the usual outlets as well as spotify. We’ll be heading into the studio on the 30th June so as a thank you we’ll be posting blogs and photos on our kickstarter site.

Again Thank you so much for the support we’ve had over the past weekend. When setting a time frame for the project we used 60 days because we didn’t have any idea the response would be so overwhelming. Thanks for letting us do what we love.