NEWS: Of Mice & Men cancel European summer tour dates

OMOf Mice & Men have been forced to cancel some of this summer’s European tour dates.

The American metalcore band from Costa Mesa, California have had to cancel appearances at Pukkelpop (today, 15th August 2014), Elb-Riot Fest and X Rockest this weekend (16th and 17th August 2014) due to frontman Austin Carlile‘s health issues.

The band, however, will be back performing on the 19th August in Berlin and Leeds and Reading Festival dates will be unaffected.

A statement from the band said:

“Due to Austin having unforeseen health issues we’re unfortunately not going to be able to play the first few festivals of our upcoming tour in Europe while he rests up. This will include our scheduled appearances at Pukkelpop on Friday and Elb-Riot and X-Rockest this weekend. We apologize to our fans in Belgium and Germany who were attending these shows but we will be back soon to make up for this. We are going to be resuming our tour on August 19th in Berlin and all other upcoming shows including Reading and Leeds Festivals are unaffected.”