NEWS: Fearless Vampire Killers share first book for Militia of the Lost

MilitisFearless Vampire Killers have uploaded the first half of their debut album’s book in the run up to the official release of their new social network.

The five piece theatrical rockers from London shared the first half of the story that explains the meaning behind the lyrics of the songs that appeared on the Militia of the Lost record.

The other half of the book is set to be released when their social network, The Obsidian Bond, is live on the 17th July.

Laurence Beveridge, one of the vocalists of the band, posted this statement to their website:

“To the fans of the Grandomina///Codex, old and new,

Just a quick explanation of how the band’s literature fits into our Social Network/Wondersite The Obsidian Bond.

For the past five years I have been compiling a history of Convonia: the world that surrounds and encompasses the city of Grandomina. So far only one full novel has been released: Ruple & Evelyn. However, there are many more to come. Since February this year began delving back into the story of Militia of the Lost – the book that documents the events that occur on the album of the same name – and set to work on cleaning off the moss, disposing of the toss, and shining its ms word processor surfaces to a shimmering perfection.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard already, but we’ve mentioned that, along with each song we release on the Obsidian Bond from our second album, we’re going to have a story to help anyone who’s curious, delve a little deeper into the meaning behind the lyrics on the tracks.

“But we haven’t even read the story of the first album!?” I hear you cry.

Well, how about this, below is a download link for the first half of the Militia of the Lost story. Some of you oldies, will remember me posting it up section by section back in the day, but for anyone who wants to re-read it or just read it for the first time, here it is:

Militia of the Lost: Book One »

Then, when the obsidian bond launches, the full story – a hundred odd extra pages – will be available in a special area of the site; so you can get that down your system, before you move onto the stories that come with each track of album II! What’s more, there’ll be other great snippets in this section, including the Exposition stories (as they are completed) and tasters of future novels, including the sequel to Ruple & Evelyn.

You can pre-order your membership to the Obsidian Bond here:

I hope this has been informative, and I hope you enjoy this: the story that ends with the Palace in Flames. Get reading!”