NEWS: Fearless Vampire Killers announce new album details

UnbreakableFearless Vampire Killers have announced details about their new album, which is set to be released in Autumn this year.

The alternative rock five piece from Beccles, Suffolk are to release their second studio album, Unbreakable Hearts, via their own record label, Goremount Records on the 3rd November 2014.

Produced by William Control, the record is to be split into four parts and serves as the sequel to the band’s debut album, Militia of the Lost, which was released May 2012.

The band announced previously that they will be exclusively releasing a new song a week prior to the record’s release via their own social network, The Obsidian Bond.

The tracklisting for the record is below:

1) Intermission

2) Say What You Want From Me (The Ghost You Left Behind)
3) Turn Your Heaven to a Tomb
4) Exploding Heart Disorder
5) Edge of Eternity

6) Taste the Iron on Your Lips
7) Our Nature’s Unnatural
8) Dream of You
9) Brave the Night

10) In Wondrous Rage
11) Neon in the Dance Halls
12) Batten Down the Hatches
13) Maeby

14) Unbreakable Hearts
15) Remember My Name
16) Lucifer’s Shroud
17) City Falls to Dust