NEWS: Bring Me The Horizon confirm Wembley supports

bmthDecember 5th 2014 is going to be a date to remember for the UK’s biggest metal band, Sheffield’s very own Bring Me The Horizon. The band have worked hard ever since their debut album was released some 8 years ago and they just blew up everywhere and played every show they could.

Controversy seemed to follow them in the early days but with each release they’ve stepped up their game and achieved more success and more importantly, more respect. Last years Sempiternal silenced a lot of the bands haters and critics as the album set them up for world domination, which is going to be taking on the task of what frontman Oli Sykes said a few years ago, he wants them to headline Wembley.

After months of waiting the silence on who will be supporting has been broken, Young Guns, Issues and Sleepwave will be their to warm up the crowd for the bands biggest headline show to date.