My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” to become a musical?

tumblr_inline_n0r7wcyb3T1qzxlbnWe’ve seen Queen do it, we’ve seen Green Day do it, and apparently now My Chemical Romance are the latest band to be transforming their catalogue into a rock musical. Check out the poster to the left and read the synopsis below:

Based on the critically acclaimed album by My Chemical Romance; The Black Parade is the story of Helena, a young German woman living in Nazi-occupied Warsaw, Poland in 1940. She has her life set: comfortable due to her father’s status as one of Hitler’s confidants and engaged to an officer quickly rising in the ranks. There’s just one problem — she falls in love with Ari, a Jew from the Warsaw ghetto. With the war growing more serious by the minute, they both decide to leave everything they know behind and start life over together… If they make it that far.

Surely this can’t be for real… it seems way too good to be true! What do you guys think of this? Is it a good idea? Leave your comments and thoughts below!