My Chemical Romance MCR5 album: LATEST NEWS


Little is going on in Camp MCR (forgetting the Mikey Way cheating scandal) but what we do know is about as rumour-heavy as FOB’s reunion. But that did happen…

Conventional Weapons Number Five was released this week, marking the end of the “lost album” releases from 2009. So where does that leave My Chem now? With a fanbase wanting more. As usual. Also, sidenote, how do they expect to not tour CW without fan retaliation? Just sayin’. We crazy.

SO… what do we know about MCR5? There’s a tumblr/twitter rumour that it’s coming out in 2014. Wrong. They wouldn’t risk another 4 years without an album, which it would be since Danger Days came out in 2010, after Black Parade in 06.

It has to be this year guys, they were posting pics all summer of them in the studio.

Gerard Way’s interview with Kevin Smith revealed MCR5 is “dark” and they WERE going to be in costume again, and were meeting with Black Parade designer Colleen Atwood.

Now on to something you may not know…
Twitter is almost as full of MCR fans as Tumblr, but we found this lurking in the deepest recesses of Twitter, an MCR5 theory with actual evidence (credit to, ur gd girl)

The scrubs/hospital/bandages thing is VERY interesting. But is that a bit too much like the Patient/Black Parade?

Well, that’s all we have. Let’s not give up hope guise! RT/reblog/share/ETC.