My Chemical Romance ‘Greatest Hits’ available to pre-order

Everyone at HTS was shocked and dismayed by MCR’s decision to call it quits in March last year, but stoked to see one last album from the guys show up on our emails.

Greatest Hits, or to use it’s proper name ‘May Death Never Stop You’ is out March 24 via Warner Bros Records, and the bundles are available to pre-order HERE, which include this snazzy bundle including t-shirt, armband, and CD/DVD for just £24.99.

May Death Never Stop You

‘May Death Never Stop You’ features 19 tracks from the band, including the infamous ‘Attic Demos’ (recorded in the band’s very beginning) as well as the last MCR song; ‘Fake Your Death’. As well as this, there’s also a DVD of 2 hours of bonus video outtakes.

Check out the trailer for the album below;


As touching a goodbye as there ever could be; we’re sorry to see you go My Chemical Romance. But it’s not a band. It’s an idea. And it can never die.


Check out the track listing below;  

1. Fake Your Death 3:13 (This is an unreleased song) 
2. Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us 3:52 
3. Vampires Will Never Hurt You 5:26 
4. Helena 3:25 
5. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison 2:54 
6. I’m Not OK (I Promise) 3:08 
7. The Ghost Of You 3:56 
8. Welcome To The Black Parade 5:13 
9. Cancer 2:25 
10. Mama 4:38 
11. Teenagers 2:41 
12. Famous Last Words 5:00 
13. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) 3:26 
14. SING 4:30 
15. Planetary (GO!) 4:06 
16. The Kids From Yesterday 5:26 
17. Skylines And Turnstiles (Demo) 3:30 
18. Knives/Sorrow (Demo) 2:14 
19. Cubicles (Demo) 3:58

Video outtakes;

1. “I’m Not OK (I Promise)” Version 1 
2. “I’m Not OK (I Promise)” Version 2 
3. “Helena” 
4. “The Ghost of You” 
5. “Welcome To The Black Parade” 
6. “Famous Last Words”
7. “I Don’t Love You”
8. “Teenagers”
9. “Blood” (*Previously Unreleased)
10. Na Na Na & “Art is A Weapon” (*Includes Previously Unreleased “Na Na Na” intro) 
11. “SING” 
12. “Planetary (GO!)”