Mr Shiraz – God Hates Mr Shiraz (EP) ★★★★☆

Mr ShirazArtist: Mr Shiraz
Title: God Hates Mr Shiraz
Release Date: April 5th
Label: Wooderson Records

Huddersfield’s  punk rock groovemeisters reshuffle to unleash a new beast.

Mr. Shiraz  are a UK band that have essentially been under the radar for a while now, having previously played the Carling Festival  and toured the US-of-A the 5 piece are possibly one of the best homegrown bands you’ve never heard of. With the induction of a new drummer and guitarist to the ranks, this EP is bristling with filthy punk rock and a groove The Bronx  wish they possessed.

Opening up this 4 track offering is ‘Good Ol’ Jack Burton’  a song that showcases the intentions of Mr. Shiraz.  In mere seconds of kicking in your head will be bobbing and banging to the rhythm and backed up with a chorus that will have you providing the backing “woaaaaahs” whilst chugging down a beer if you ever catch the band live. Catchy, infectious and an all round feel good anthem to start off proceedings. Next up is the head-turner and ear-pricker that is ‘No Prophecy’.  Kerrang Radio! have picked up on the track and the accompanying video, a controversial ‘mini-movie’ based around the world of religious cults. The song tracks at the 1.46 minute mark but has left a lasting impression with the band being confirmed for the upcoming Camden Rocks Festival  which includes such acts as The Blackout, Gnarwolves, Orange Goblin  and Ginger Wildheart.  A very Every Time I Die  feel to the track with its Southern groove and growl, circle pit inciting rhythm.

Third track, ‘I Like It’  slows the tempo down for a respite but in all honesty is the weakest song. It doesn’t particularly fit within the rest of the EP but is a decent enough indication that the guys and gal that make up the Northern 5 piece can change it up and use their abilities to take a song to a different place; a place that doesn’t want to make you dance like a nutter and grin uncontrollably.

‘Sitting Pretty’  closes out and get’s back on the dirt track of loose and filthy rock n’roll. Clearly into their stride and focusing on what direction to they want to head into, this is another groove-laden punk anthem that can’t be ignored.

Having picked up comparisions to Faith No More,  The Bronx  and Rage Against The Machine  the future looks promising for Mr. Shiraz.  You can pick up the record (released by Wooderson Records)  on bandcamp now.