Motörhead Tour cancelled due to Lemmy’s health

motorheadMotörhead have announced that their European tour is cancelled due to front man Lemmy’s diabetes-related health issues.

The tour, which previously had to be rescheduled to February 2014 due to Lemmy’s health, has now been cancelled entirely.

The band issued this statement below;

“It is with great regret that Motörhead has to announce the cancellation of their European tour, scheduled to start February, 2014. Many concerted, diligent and focused efforts were made by founding member, and international icon, Lemmy Kilmister to deal with a range of health issues relating to diabetes. While there has been undoubted progress, Lemmy and the band were advised by doctors that it was still too soon to resume full touring activities, and so for the good of the future, the band and Lemmy reluctantly agreed to cancel.

“No-one is hurting more over this than Lemmy, and he feels the aggravation and inconvenience of every ticket, and every method of transportation, already paid for by loyal fans in anticipation of the tour. Being a road warrior of over 50 dedicated, non-stop years, it is equally distressing for him to be unable to occupy the top lounge of the trusty tour bus (his spiritual home) but Lemmy recognises that his long-term health must win. It goes without saying that Lemmy profusely apologises for inconveniences caused, but he does want everyone to know that he is continuing on the road to a full recovery, and that the prognosis long-term is very good.”

We can only hope that the Jack Daniel’s drinker and co are back on the road to continue kicking ass as soon as possible.

Get well soon Lemmy!