More Than Life – What’s Left Of Me ★★★★☆

MTLArtist: More Than Life
Title: What’s Left Of Me
Release Date: April 14th
Label: Holy Roar Records

More Than Life reawaken with brilliant new album. It’s been four years since we last heard new music from the band and boy, was it worth the wait.

Slow building and tense opening instrumental ‘Asleep’  opens up the record which then cracks into ‘Weight Of The World’   that bursts straight out of the blocks and has an all round upbeat feel to it. Sounds very similar to the likes of previous record ‘Love Let Me Go’  but the most noticeable difference is how well produced and clearer it sounds. The years away are showing their impact with a more mature songwriting approach, it’s catchy, well thought out, with heartfelt lyrics in abundance. They’ve always been a step above the majority of the UK melodic hardcore scene, but now they’re stepping even further away from the pack with songs such as Whats Left Of Me’. 

Sounding even older now is ‘You’re Not Alone’  which could pass off as being on the ‘Brave Enough To Fail’ EP. It’s a fast one and will definitely be a crowd pleaser with it’s ability to more than likely ensue mayhem. Each song is better than the last which is a mark of a great album. Fifth track ‘Threshold’  breaks up the record well with soft vocals, strings and slow instrumentation. Usually these types of songs kill the feel or flow of an album, but not this time. It’s almost an intermission, reflective period before the final act. Saying that ‘Seasons Change’  follows straight on and takes over to finish this shows middle scenes.

Now we get to the first single, the fantastic ‘Do You Remember’.  An intricate melody coupled with a sing/shout dynamic and backing piano, the perfect track to be showcased after such a long time of inactivity. Repetitive lyrics and again another sign that the band have used the time to write effective, well thought out songs of ‘melodic hardcore/alternative rock’. ‘Sometimes’  is a personal favourite with simple lead guitar work that stands out and speaks volumes itself that adds to devasting lyrics such as, “I love you more than life, but you’re killing yourself”. Listening back to the track gives you goosebumps when that line is repeated again and again over a haunting guitar line.

Final act, ‘Love Is Not Enough’  starts off sounding like it’s being played down a well and then kicks off and doesn’t stop until the halfway mark before the song and album closes out with a solemn acoustic guitar and accompanying strings. A time to think back over what you’ve just heard, the thoughts that have been provoked through song.

Lyrics are a big part of what More Than Life are about and this album is full of desperate, heart-wrenching lyrics that relate to each and every one of us. This isn’t just an outstanding comeback, but more a lesson to other bands on how it should be done; from the heart.