Miss May I – Rise Of The Lion ★★★☆☆



Artist: Miss May I

Album: Rise Of The Lion

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Record Label: Rise Records



Miss May I are about to launch their fourth album ‘Rise Of The Lion’ into the metal stratosphere – and it’s … good. After the triumph that was ‘At Heart’, the Ohio metalcore band’s last album, their latest release has a lot to live up to.

The album forcefully comes to an opening with ‘Refuse To Believe’, featuring a pretty lacklustre breakdown when comparing it to the likes of ‘Hey Mister’ from their last album ‘At Heart’. But this disappointment was resolved by the song crashing into your ear drums as singer Levi Benton screams as if he’s trying to spit his vocal chords out on the first person who believes he is nothing.

Next up is ‘Lunatik’, a song “born out of frustration”. And you can definitely hear this from the pissed off vibes oozing out of the song. The third track off the new album has already been released, and also has a brand spanking new video. ‘Gone’ is easily the most catchy song on the whole album, featuring a vocal gem of a chorus from Ryan Neff that you’ll easily be singing along to for weeks on end. This song gives a tiny glimmer of hope that the band are going to be above and beyond the level of the last album.

Later on in the album, ‘Hero With No Name’ starts a lot less abruptly than previous songs. But fear not, the anger and ‘fuck everyone’ vibe are more than present as Benton screams “I’m ready to die” many, many times. With some pretty serious guitar riffs and belting screams you can tell why it’s Benton’s favourite song off the album.

Following this comes ‘Darker Days’, the most riff ridden song from ‘Rise Of The Lion’ that will have pretty much every listener air-guitaring along. Neff pops his clean vocals onto this track for a short while, but Benton’s screams slice through the entire song leaving Neff on the sidelines.

The last song on the album, named ‘Saints, Sinners and Greats’ has been referred to by the band as “a throwback song”. There’s no denying this is a diverse album, with some songs sounding pretty similar to their old songs, but other tracks take the band in a new direction. Miss May I fans will be glad to hear the nostalgic sounds of old, but we’re sure they’re ready to welcome any MMI record into their hearts.

You can pre-order the album, coming out on 28th April 2014 here.