Mikey Way (ex-My Chemical Romance) has a new band!

You heard it here first! Probably.

Bassist Mikey Way has been busy lately, not only was he filling his time with acting on show The Aquabats (in an episode directed by big bro Gerard Way), he announced via his Twitter (after a literal shitstorm of rumours) on May 29, that “yes”, he did have a new band.

(God, the names…)

When asked on the 13th of June when he was going to announce the name of his new band, again, on Twitter (from a fan) he replied; “soon.” Nothing like playing your cards close to your chest is there Michael?

BUT we can reveal the rumours behind the scenes. The first being the rumour that Mikey had joined NJ band “New London Fire”, whose name he coined in MCR’s infamous tour DVD; Life On The Murder Scene. The latest rumour however, fuelled by @newlondonfire’s Twitter page itself, is that Way has joined NLF member David Debiak to work on music with him, and has taken a hiatus from NLF itself. This tweet was posted just 2 days after Way revealed he was working on new music.

(Very sneaky, David)


So, as Ellie Goulding would say, anything could happen. Gotta keep your eyes and ears open, and your Twitter account logged in.