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[ME] supported Evanescence last November on their UK tour, and amidst the madness HTS found 15 minutes to have a chat with these very dapper gentlemen. Now having supported Kasabian and about to embark on Panic At The Disco’s UK tour as support, we decided to revive this interview, just incase you missed it the first time…


Obviously, you’re on this amazing tour with Evanescence, how’s it been going so far?

Amazing! Obviously! (laughter)

What specifically has been amazing?

The people we meet, the crowd’s awesome, the places we get to play.

Leeds crowds are amazing, and I know this for a fact

That’s nice to know, we’re looking forward to that!

How did you suddenly appear on this tour?

We just had a call about a week before the tour started saying can you do these 8 dates, and…sure. we didn’t even know who the other support was.

You’re from Australia, what are the differences between Oz gigs and UK gigs?

People are people really. If you play good you get nice things said, if you don’t then you don’t get as many (laughter).

You’ve played headline shows in London though right?

Lots of London shows, yeah.

Any plans to bring it up North?

We’d love to.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do our own headline shows around these parts. We’d love an invitation.

So the band name, ME, very  ‘ungoogleable’ as you said on stage on Monday in Manchester, explain?

That’s the problem, we didn’t think about that when we first came up with it, and uh we soon realised that it was quite ungoogleable, but it’s okay as long as you put “band” after it. People are lazy, it’s a lack of Google chops, they just don’t wanna use the spacebar I reckon.  You don’t even have to type meband in with a space!

Like A Fox (Debut single) has just been released, any plans to release any more music in the near future?

We’re doing an EP and an album how’s that? We just recorded an album in July to September. It’s the producer that did the first “the music” album, and he did Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, so, yeah.  That’s getting mixed at the moment and that’ll be released sometime next year and probably a 6 track EP as well.

Any plans to come back here with that?

We’re basically not even leaving. We are leaving to sort out some visa stuff but we’re not leaving England now for quite some time so I’m sure we’ll be seeing all sorts of places, like Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester!

So you wanna be based here now?
The powers that be have said “you’re here now, say goodbye to your families, you’ll never see them again”. They said “learn English, and you’ll be alright.” (laughter)

On the topic of influences, I hear Muse, Queen…?

Singer: We love yeah, old stuff, Beatles and Zeppelin, and we do love Queen as well obviously. Very diverse musical tastes in this band it’s all over the place, lots of classical and there’s lots of show tunes and stuff. Then there’s heavier stuff. Some people are even into metal.

Do you guys like Evanescence then?

We’re actually big fans now after going on tour, like yesterday was our day off and I was listening to them online and I really like them now. It’s not that I didn’t before I just wasn’t a huge fan. Now after this tour they’ve completely converted me, their live shows freakin’ amazing. Unbelievable. They don’t miss a note live for like an hour and a half.

When it comes to live shows, do you think it’s down to quality or quantity?

Well we have people telling us what to do, not telling us what do but have a strategy in place, when we were in Oz we were just like gigging willy-nilly just smashing shows. But that’s another way of becoming like a really good live band so I think the advice to young bands that are just starting out is play as many shows as you can, but you get to a level where you’ve gotta start thinning them out a little bit. Its better if it’s varied around, like if you play the same city over and over and over again you just become like a band that you can see anytime so no one gets bothered. Hopefully we’re gonna be playing lots of shows like all over Europe and the UK so we won’t be petering out.


Who writes the songs, is it a collaborative effort?

Luke (vocals) does then we shit all over them (laughter). Luke usually comes up with most of the stuff then shows it to the band and they pull it apart in different directions and put it back together. Sometimes we have a clear vision of what we want it to sound like. We share the lyric writing round as well, we’re all quite passionate about our lyrics, as you should be, and the themes that we sing about.

What are the themes you write about? If someone hadn’t heard your music how would you describe it to them?

There’s not one constant theme. What do we sing about? I noticed that I put the word “red” in 3 different songs so there we go; we’re a “red” band. (laughter)

Last question guys, generic final question; describe ME in 3 words?

Flaming cunt rag. That’s not for radio. Um, 3 words. “Currently lacking imagination”? What 3 words would you use? We’re turning the tables motherfucker! Now we ask the questions!

Very Odd Australians

I like that!


Check out [ME] at http://www.facebook.com/metheband and catch them with Panic At The Disco on the below dates:

Newcastle, O2 Academy – January 25
Leeds, O2 Academy – 26
Manchester, Academy – 27
Glasgow, Barrowlands – 28
Birmingham, O2 Academy – 29
Bristol, O2 Academy – 31
Southampton, Guildhall – February 1
London, O2 Academy Brixton – 2