Mayday Parade Interview!


Off the back of their recent UK tour with You Me At Six, we caught up with Jake from Mayday Parade to talk tours, records and BFF’s…

How was the tour?

Absolutely incredible. It was our best UK tour to date.


This is your 3rd time touring with You Me At Six, is this a coincidence or are you all BFF’s?

We love all the guys in YM@6. They’re all some of my really good friends. I’m such good friends with them that You Me and I all have the same brotherhood tattoos.


Do you get up too much on your days off?

We did a lot of cool stuff this time around mostly because we were touring in a van. Being in a van, you’re able to take it where you want whereas in a bus, you can’t go anywhere because the bus never moves until it goes to the next venue. We went to Cheddar Gorge which I highly encourage anyone in the UK to go see it’s beauty. We also went to the Edinburgh Dungeons in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a lot of fun!


You’re touring up to the end of August, after all that touring are you planning on going into the studio ?

Actually, we plan on touring more. Haha! We may have a tiny break but our plans are to head to South America and some other places I can’t say yet. Our goal is to make and record our new album at the beginning of next year.

You’ll be playing Warped this summer for the 4th time now, do you feel you guys are more prepared and better received each time?

Absolutely! You have to go into Warped with a positive state of mind in order to have fun on it. It’s an extremely hot tour to be apart of but the people you’re surrounded by makes it what it is. Every time we play Warped it gets better and better. We’re excited for this year.

What inspired the new album?

Being our own band again. We took away the co-writes and all the fake that was put into our last record and became a real band again. Four Florida boys and one dude from Georgia made this record. Atlantic Records didn’t have anything to do with it this time.

How have things changed for you in regards to leaving Atlantic?

We finally feel some love and freedom to be MP again. Who knew a major label could convince you that what you were doing was the right thing to do? We fell for the major label game but luckily we played the game our way and still came out on top. We’re much happier now.


Are you planning on releasing another single soon?

We aren’t planning on releasing any singles anytime soon but we are planning to be a part of Fearless Record’s newest Punk Goes Pop series. That should be out later this year.