Machine Gun Kelly & Kellin Quinn – Swing Life Away (Rise Against cover) ★★★★☆

tumblr_mq8rz4ZSQ41rjntw1o1_500Stumbled across this beauty of a cover browsing our dear friend YouTube and who would have thought that Kellin Quinn, lead singer from Sleeping With Sirens, can not only sing but attempt beatboxing?! (I know right!)

This single features on Machine Gun Kelly’s new mixtape, Black Flag, and it surprisingly is a really great rendition of a classic Rise Against tune.

Accompanied by SWS bandmate Jesse Lawson on the guitar in the video, the simple black and white video was filmed on a tour bus at Detroit’s Warped Tour showing the three jamming together.

From the moment that the words start, the raw passion for the record really comes to life (especially with Kellin’s squinty yet adorable facial expressions as he reaches incredible high notes!!)

Mixed with the in-your-face rush of MGK’s incredible rapped lyrics and Kellin’s beautiful vocals and pretty good beat boxing (well it is better than what we thought it would be!), this really does pack a punch!

Watch the video below: